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From the Defense Department to build his southern border wall. Now President Biden's returning some of it as an end run around Congress. President Trump declaring an emergency to take Pentagon money and build an unauthorized border wall. President Biden is giving back what's left to the military for 66 projects in 16 countries. 11 States Pentagon spokesman John Kirby welcoming $2 billion of that money back, President Trump had diverted more than 15 billion Andy Field. ABC NEWS Washington A New England man has a very close encounter with a giant marine mammal in Massachusetts lobsters scuba diver off Cape Cod Friday felt something just got bit by a shark. Nope, I'm in a whale's mouth, Michael Packard thinking It's either he's going to let me go or this is where I'm gonna die. Also thinking about what my sons My wife, my mom, But all of a sudden I was thrown from his mouth. He he was shaking his head trying to eject me out of his mouth total time as a whale or d'oeuvres. Less than a minute, he says, nursing a broken leg. Chuck Sivertsen ABC News is going to have some story to tell, Isn't he? Amazon says it will not go back to its previously announced pre pandemic office culture. Instead, the Internet retail giant says it will allow employees to work remotely two days a week. Four full weeks of every year Once the pandemic is over. This is ABC News. Homo traffic from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. Still watching a crash in Seattle and the Beacon Hill neighborhood on 17th Avenue shout at South Hoyne Street, partially blocking Indian Atlantic area of Seattle crash near the intersection of South Massachusetts Street in 19th Avenue South is causing an eastbound slowdown and still watching a crash in Lakewood on CNN, five that gravelly Lake Drive. It's been moved over to the right shoulder, but it is causing a bit of a of a distraction. Our next coma traffic at.

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