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Thank you windy city limos for the luxury motor coach looking forward to that I saw it. The email. Pretty nice. Pretty sweet, Right? A nice looking forward to it. Thank you, George Jacobs. Fun. 3123323776 is Phil Jackson as Scottie Pippen has alleged. Racist. This story will not go away Cap Saul stems from Scottie Pippen's conversation with Dan Patrick of the Dan Patrick Show, where he alludes to it and just kind of leans into it, saying that Phil was racist for not allowing Him to be able to take last shots are good friend Jack Silverstein on Twitter read. Jack is a great follow on Twitter. Awesome gave us. I know you saw this right? He gave us examples of Tony hitting last second shots getting the ball. Some of those times Scotty was in a suit was not in the game. Correct. You saw this right? Well, one of those was because He wasn't gonna everyone's no. Because I was like, you know what? I'm not going on my summer up. So he sat there in a suit and tie rehabbing while Tony was draining game winners. That's correct at least three that he found correct on the old sports channel used able to dig it out. And we saw it for ourselves. Okay. So yesterday our friend Mark Carmen from fans sided dot com. He's a dear friend and Carm reached out because he's interviewed him before to a guy who He has a relationship with Shaquille O'Neal. And he asked him that direct question because shock played for Phil Jackson. Here is their interlude. Take a Listen Scottie Pippen about 50 player. He's out here, and he's basically he's calling Phil Jackson a racist. Where is this coming from? Of course, you know you played for Phil. Do you have any reaction? What Pippen's been saying He's took a run at Kevin Durant, too. You have to think about it, but he hasn't played with How long all we got two decades now. Okay. Heard in the business sector. He's coming out with brandy. And he's coming out with a book. Yeah. It's probably dissolve promotions. I don't want. I don't want to get involved in other people's deep, but It was definitely are racist. You know what was going on with human direct? Mm hmm. What is it about? Barkley made a lot of ships, but this I'm just like, you know, I'm just waiting. They're going wild. Uh, I don't want to split there. But I do know, uh, parallel. What he's going out for nutrient is going on. Many illnesses market. He said that Mike was in the huddle, basically doing the last dance. 1997, speaking of the cameras. I'm not saying it's not calculated, but that's a level of calculation. I mean, in a moment of Game six of the finals, speaking about a movie in 20 years, Yeah, that's nice. Here's another thing. Shack. There's nothing wrong, at least in my mind with your best skill is not hitting the game winning shot, phenomenal defender phenomenal score, but not the shot. And he wants to defend against that. He's still in the Hall of Fame. You don't There's nothing wrong with that. And you know what? I'm When it comes to closing games, Me and him were in the same category. I know they only hit one game with the shot my career, but Given for what you're known for, wasn't known for that. But he was known forever. Things that help them compared to when he's definitely Definitely important, important priest a good franchise. I'm also thinking back to you guys taking them out in Portland. If you were that guy in the fourth quarter, maybe that comeback doesn't happen. That's what I'll buy, you know, but that's what I've been saying, like. No idea here. Some of these guys talking about the same money, so Yeah, man. It's gotta have a little instagram, Verbal Twitter, Shane, and that was fine. Besides General, relax, and we are So this is what we do is that we talk trash. It's only a small percentage of where it gets. I don't have if you could have one team between Scott of your Chuck, who you picking Oh, my God. This guy It's better with you, right? Yes. Okay, So you heard him say Phil is not racist. And he talked about trying to sell a brandy, brandy and a book. It's bourbon. But that aside when you hear shock who he never size from an opinion on anything What do you think of that? I mean, that is shacks experience working with Phil feeling that Phil is not racist. And so that's his opinion. Scotty I the only thing I've said several times now regarding Scotty, is, is that He held onto this for 27 years. First of all, if that's the case, that's unhealthy. Yes, he held onto this for a long time and felt like he was undermined by Scotty by by Phil and feeling like he should have the last shot because he was next in line without Michael Jordan. To me, it's about team. I don't care who takes the last shot. Who's going to help us win? If it's not me, I'd expect my teammate to help me win, too. So it's a deeper dive than just him being concerned about some last second shot to me. Don't you know to me as a lot of it's really trying to sell that booze in that book, more so than anything else, but I haven't heard that about Phil Jackson at all. Until Scottie said that we were reviewed yesterday. The posse comment he made about LeBron James Group and Phil apologize for it. I think that was out of line was out of touch of nothing else, but this whole thing where where it fills a racist because I didn't get the last shot. That's selfish man. Yeah, I'm sure you wanted to take the last shot, and he's had plenty of game winners. So why in that particular situation with Tony does that eat at him? Why does that eat at him so much? Obviously his In a burn his saddle for 27 years. Michael Jordan take a lot to a lot of great shots, cap, but so did John Paxson show. So did Steve Kerr. So did some of the other players you can empower them to. We got to remember this to write all the championship teams that you and I have seen over the years, especially in the NBA, right? We know the stars are but the couple of it, the the the players that are off the bench. The guys that are the others are supposed to help the team. Those players matter to. You want them to hit big shots, too, so everyone's raised at the same level Well, said 3123323776..

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