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Fifteen percent off running for, the next ten days at Support, you're listening to this show and get on. That website advice vice products that you put in the code Steve T. v. e. and it will take a. Fifty percents off your. Order there, you go all, right that's at motorcade OT dot com about sixteen past the hour so it's country. Music trivia country music lyrics night and we left off at the top of the hour with what. Was it again they've got to put. Me in the movies. Are going to make a big star out of me. We'll make a film about a man that's sad and lowly, all I have to do is finish the, lyric All I gotta do is good morning rotor Good. Morning Steve how you doing this morning good You sound great man I. Just wanted to put it up. There right now we've. Obviously all been following you we. All love you you've all, been praying for you I just wanted to say, do. You like. You've knocked off about twenty years man. Thank you I feel I feel. A lot, better, my last treatment was last? Thursday It does. Take a while to recover but. I'm getting pretty close. Pretty close to over at least. One hundred percent back so, there were definitely were definitely glad you're still chicken, so. Keep it. Up brother we we've still got your. Back thank you I appreciate that We've. Got a few things for you guys tonight Stephen were. Start off with my DA. Nominee, of the week and because. Laughing and. Smiling burns calories We're all, going to get a good, one here Because it's me Nominate a nominating myself or DA. Of the week I did my did my route last night and I got to Illinois and delivered my stuff and went to get back in the truck But she's in the. Cabin, boy oh yeah yeah so I paid my nice little. Sixty five dollars fine and got back in my cabinet got back home my way but I thought that you would appreciate that oh so From. That. I've got the answer to the song and I'm, gonna go ahead and let you do. The first part of it, and I'm gonna go ahead and finish it. In, style Okay they're gonna put me in. The movies they're going to make a big star outta be we'll make a film about a band that's sad and, lonely at all I have to do is act naturally Got it Mr. Bronco and. That's it Yes sir Well? What what I'm gonna do Ed with. That code I've already. Got a I've already got a fifty, percent code but I have a soon to. Be motorcoach user bet is listening to us as we speak my buddy rob out of out of. Anderson Indiana he's listening in right now and I'm gonna go ahead and give dates his. Email, address Good Yeah he's going to be helped me work on my drink this weekend or maybe next, weekend either. Way he doesn't know it, yet but he's got be helped me work on. It so he's going to be able to see the. Action so I'm going to get him turned onto it and give them a couple of cans and get him and gearing put him up with a hook him up with a. Code. Okay that's a great idea that works. Great So Thank you for passing that for. That that helps us get the the the product out to new to new. Users so I appreciate that it's no problem at. All. Man, I you, know, I I definitely had no problem pushing an awesome. Product so whenever whenever it keeps keeps getting off the shelves and and keep it at. Work That's that's what matters to us out. There the deal all right well let me put you on hold rotor there you go Another another winter all. Right we get a timeout if you will come back with more..

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