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Rob gronkowski like said HR by the right? You don't get the joke. Look it up. I go. What do you got for me, buddy? Boy. Yeah. We don't want our younger viewers looking at joke up just say just just to be fair. I don't think our younger viewers are going to be listening at five four. You never know you never know to forty five AM Pacific never know never know anyway, but keenum's listening. So that's the. A good one. Like never. Hampering? Yeah. I'm gonna tell is good. I liked it. After what seemed like never ending speculation dowry tampering by the Lakers pelicans forward. Anthony Davis ended up staying in New Orleans past the trade deadline and was received with boost as he returned to the pelicans lineup features clearly not in New Orleans as he has the Knicks. In addition to the Lakers on his wish. Listless so onsite offside. Anthony Davis will open next season as a pelican. Side. And the reason I say, it's all sides is this summer. They will have a bidding war for a day. Probably comes down to the Lakers, and the Celtics baby another team jumps into it. I would say though by the start of the season after having. A season. And some of a knowing he doesn't wanna be there. I would think in the summer they would move to get a deal done rather than continuing to play because they have to play him and risking injury and risking his draft stock so. He's is return stocks. I would say that. Yeah. By next season. He's on the different teams. Number two. Number two as the trade deadline came and went many teams found themselves improved after the wheeling and dealing with the clubs like the Sixers, raptors and bucks. All need moves to improve themselves. Niece conference after weeks of having his name out there. In discussion longtime grizzly center, Marcus is headed north of the border and gives the rafters and even more formidable roster loaded with so onside offside the raptors. Andy favorites eastern cop. I'm gonna say all sides. I don't know how we determine who is a favourite right now in the east the bucks are two games better than the raptors. But I I really don't care for the record. Because you take a look at a team like Philadelphia, they're loaded. Now, the Celtics are loaded the raptors are loaded. The bucks are loaded. So going into the year, it was pretty much a race of what many people thought to be the the raptors the Celtics and the Sixers. Now, you add the butts into the mix as well. I can't definitively say what team right now is better than the other. So I gonna say offsides I kick calling the favorites. One hundred percent certainty. Number three. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was in the news for an interesting reason this week it had something to do with the home showing off in another sport, the NFL MVP looks smooth on the hardwood playing some pickup basketball. This obviously brought many hot takes cues field. But they price quarterback risking injury. She's general manager Britain Meech, even meet a call to the home stupid things in the bud. So onside offside the chiefs overreacting Patrick Mahomes. Playing basketball. The cheese overreacted the patch for homes playing basketball offsides. This is your franchise quarterback. If I see a flashy video of him playing basketball, John picking up the phone and say, hey, we gotta go with a championship that year. I don't need you and Aaron Boone and puffing up your leg find it a basketball game. Okay. Let's make sure you're fine. And I get it. Some people say, well, he has the length is life. He has to be a person totally get that. When you are having this person here to be your quarterback, though. I don't wanna see these viral videos of playing basketball, so all sides. No overreaction. Correct reaction. Back to the hardwood warrior start. Kevin durant? Head is long waited meeting with the bay area media this week and things did not go. Well, Grivas lovely cold out, a reporter by name, and even mentioned the Knicks and the Kristaps Porzingis trade by name defending his choice to the warriors media might be in prime position to lane the coveted free agent as many media members are catching Durant in New York. So onsite offsite. The Knicks should feel good about their chances of landing. Kevin durant? I'm done. The Knicks seven had a whole lot to feel good about it. A long time. This is not the rumors of LeBron's going to the next because that was so unrealistic this one Knicks fans, listen to me, I'm telling you there's a chance so just because you're relevant and there's a chance at bay. A few years you're off the wear a paper bag on your face when you entered the world's most famous arena Madison Square Garden, you should be doing somersaults. You should be doing jumping jacks. You should be feeling. Not only. Good great that your name is even being mentioned. And there's a lot of legitimate sources and insiders that are saying. Yeah. Katie could be going to the Knicks now, your heart. They get ripped out. If he doesn't go there. But there's a chance so onsides feel good feel great. Bill. Stellar Bill sensational. Unbelievable. Whatever you've done last one the NFL, by the way. The NFL draft only seventy five days away. And it's never too early to talk about prospective quarterbacks Oklahoma Sooners quarterback and current Heisman Trophy winner. Keller Murray announces weekday. He participant the NFL combine yet Lennox prospects, headed crazy season under Lincoln Riley and his baseball features truly endow blurry Murray led all quarterbacks in this year in rushing yards in forty two touchdowns. Just seven section. So Zach onsite off off-side colored Murray should be the first quarterback selected. That'd be a weekend surrounding could be a cop out. It's all sides. How did I say that this guy should be the first quarterback selected? But I still don't know if he's going to be playing baseball or football. Now, if I had to take an educated guess, and as they would say in science class in eighth grade and formulate a hypothesis, I would say hypothesis, I would say that. Most likely Cuyler Murray to the disgust of his agent and Scott Boris after Scott Boras told everyone, and we'll make him look like Scott Boras that oh he was going to stick with baseball. There's nothing we can do about it. Now looks like he's going to pick football. But since I don't know that with one hundred percents certainty. I can't say he should be the top quarterback off the board. Right now, probably the top quarterback off the board. Dwayne Haskins much Stephen a Smith thinks he's a runner when the fifty this year and Stephen three day can't just amid he's wrong. Alex. Stephen I, but when you're on your on your own little note to the media. So the question is should Cuyler Murray. Be the number one QB taken. Yeah. Sides because I don't know. Football. I think. But I'm not one hundred percent clear on that. Why would you go to combine? Maybe he just wanted to experience. Maybe that's what it is. We know he's playing football that we know he's playing football. Do you think they'll be the first quarterback taken off the ball? I don't I don't either twin Haskins, right? Yeah. That's what everybody's leaning. And that's where I gets. I will lean as well. Giants. Draft order. I'll tell you what the speculation around. Here is going to go crazy if Dwayne Haskins combine the there's going to be nonstop talk of doing Haskins coming here, which I think is the dumbest thing in sports may be the combine. Darius Hayward bay runs a quick forty top ten draft pick. I.

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