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Republican Kevin McCarthy is still trying to shore up the votes needed to become the next House speaker. CBS News correspondent Robert Costa reports McCarthy has been holding meetings with some GOP holdouts before tomorrow's vote. Florida Republican congressman Matt Gaetz left McCarthy's office earlier this evening. He tells reporters his meeting with a California Republican was brief and productive, but he is still voting no. Let's get more from WTO's Mitchell Miller on Capitol Hill. Each part of the problem, he's not part of the solution. Virginia Republican congressman bob good is one of 5 GOP lawmakers who won't support McCarthy, and he can only lose four votes on Tuesday. I'll be following the will of my constituents, the voters of Virginia's 5th district, hundreds of which have told me over the past couple of years not just for Kevin McCarthy. Good speaking on Fox, even after McCarthy tried to address the concerns of conservatives on a conference call Sunday Night, another 9 Republicans said they're still not satisfied with his efforts to appease them. That sets up what could be the first floor fight in a century over who will become House speaker. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO. Brazilian authorities are reviving a fraud case against Republican congressman elect George Santos from New York, who is accused of pretty much making up his entire background and his whole life. He is set to be sworn in come morning, but New York congressman elect George Santos not only faces scrutiny for lying here in the U.S., but authorities in Brazil are now reopening a fraud case from 2008. He's accused of using a stolen checkbook to spend almost $700 at a store under a false name, but the case was suspended because police in Rio de Janeiro could not find him just last week sento said he's never committed any crimes despite earlier confessions. It all comes after the 34 year old was found to be lying while running for Congress about working for Wall Street firms and even lied about graduating from college. Matt piper, CBS News, New York. Brazilian authorities say a formal request will be made to the Justice Department to notify Santos of the charges when courts reopen there Friday. The congressional panel that investigated the capitol riot almost two years ago is shutting down. The house January 6th committee shutting down having completed a whirlwind 18 month investigation of the 2021 capital insurrection and having sent its work to the Justice Department, along with the recommendation for prosecuting former president Donald Trump. The committee's time officially and Tuesday what the new Republican led house is sworn in. With many of the committee's staff already departed, remaining aids has spent the last two weeks releasing many of the panel's materials, including its 814 page final report, about 200 transcripts of witness interviews and documents used to support its conclusions. Norman hall, Washington. In the past two weeks, if you've been listening to WTO P and going to our website, you know the committee has been releasing all of the transcripts from interviews it's done over the past two years. CNN is reporting that tonight's document dump includes text messages between Ivanka Trump's chief of staff, Julie Radford, and White House aide Hope Hicks, the conversation reveals their anger over then president Trump's actions during the insurrection and how it has hurt them professionally in the texts Radford tells hicks. There's zero chance of finding a job indicating she had lost a job opportunity from Visa. A blistering report suggesting the architect of the capitol wasted taxpayer money has Congress trying to exert more oversight over the position and inspector general's report found that the architect of the capital, J Brett blanton, allowed his family to use his government owned SUV to drive to family vacation destinations which alone wasted thousands of dollars. The report also said blanton claimed to be a law enforcement agent after an accident. CBS News reports the omnibus spending bill that President Biden recently signed into law includes legislation that would make it easier for Congress to remove the architect from office. The legislation expires before the start of the new Congress, it is a sign lawmakers are putting the position under the microscope. 8 35, in New York City, police arrested a teenager, they believe carried out a machete attack on three police officers. This was shortly before midnight New Year's Eve, pretty close to Times Square. Police say two of the officers were hit with a machete before bickford was shot, both are expected to recover. Louisa Muller of WBZ TV is in the suspect's hometown of wells Maine. A notebook found in beckford's backpack contained writings that talked about travel overseas and a desire to fight with Islamic extremists, according to sources. Officials do believe he acted alone. Investigators spent New Year's Day and night in his home looking for cell phone evidence, social media accounts and financial records. We knocked on his door, but nobody answered. And the full name of that suspect is Trevor bickford, CBS News has learned that he had recently been added to the FBI's terror watch list after his aunt reported he had been radicalized online. Coming up tonight on WTO. Mayor muriel Bowser sworn in for third time with new faces on the D.C.

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