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Six eighty half of the season or so obviously a big dosage of Todd Gurley. I mean, let's face it. They were doing it on the ground and through the air for most of the year. And then they had to adapt a little bit. They lose Cooper Cup. They lost girly down the stretch. They pull C J Anderson out of an in and out burger somewhere. C J Anderson. Looks like he's been spending more time at a barbecue. Then he hasn't a weight room in that guy runs for a buck twenty three last night. He looks spry. So Sean McVeigh, you know, we sit here and talk about read in in Belgium, kind of the OJ coaches sign McVay is the coach that everybody's trying to pull guys off of their tree. Even if they're just a quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor has been his quarterbacks coach for one year quarterbacks. Coach not an OC not a guy who's been coaching with the guy for years and years. He's been as quarterbacks coach for one year. I believe mistaken he's gonna be the head coach of the Bengals next year. Granted it's the Bengals. But still there's thirty five years old. He's never been a coordinator. He's going to be a head coach of an NFL team next year. So and then the winner this game, look, Sean Payton, I think one of the really good coaches of the last ten years or so Doug Peterson. Again, a guy who I think a lot of folks are trying to emulate some of the things he's doing some of the risk-taking risk-taking. I guess some of the realization that percentage is that it's okay to go for it on fourth down stuff like that. Running a trick play here. And there is not desperation. Sometimes it's things that you see or it's timing. Peterson road that all the way to a Super Bowl last year with this backup quarterback. He's trailing seventeen fourteen right now in the saints appear to be on the move again. I eight five five two one two four CBS, Greg. Roger chris. I don't want to shortchange any of you. So let's you guys stick right there. If you want to grab a line eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four two two seven. If you wanna get in, Greg. You'll be I got a good question on a topic that I've been wanting to get through. So I'm looking forward to hitting the phones in the next segment. Steve fezzet gonna join us a little later on this hour after the update at the bottom of the hour. He's from pregamEcom great handicapper by then we should know who the participants in both title games next week are going to be spreads already out on the patriots. And the cheese. We'll tell you what that is coming up next as well. You are listening to CBS sports radio on a Sunday. I'm Sean Pendergast stay.

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