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But now, here's a another fun part. Okay. So next week. I'll Thursday we are going to do what is next for the progressive movement. What should we fight for now? You know, some of the policies, but we're going to prioritize wash should come first. What should we do strategically? How much should we fight for how much should we try to push Democrats is easy to push republics? Although not apparently for the rest of the Democrats, never pushed Republicans, but for progressive that's easy. But how much should we push other Democrats? Right. So we're gonna have a whole range of progressives from very socialists. Okay. Some of them seem to make arguments that are. Borderline communist anyway in that Kim place their arts. Okay. Sherry to to establish a little bit more establishment t but really, you know, we're so we got the whole spectrum of progresses. But obviously, you know, every sport a Wolfpack, just Democrats, and you know, what younger stands for. I think we're also arguably the mainstream progressives, these progressives as in Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren people who actually represent us, obviously Alexandria, CASA of Cortez et cetera. So that's gonna be a big night Rokon is going to be here in many other guests, and they're gonna tell us, and he's inside the house is one of the leaders of the progressives. And he's gonna tell us what priorities they have. And what order they're going to go in and how much they're going to push democratic leadership. So that is really interesting. Make sure you check that on Thursday night. And then like I mentioned earlier in the live show John as his show damage report. That's our morning show. And now that is available. Able to live to all the members. And also with all of our program, if your member you can get a live, and you could also get it. Anytime you want you download it or stream it so TY T dot com slash join to participate in that..

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