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Know sometimes. People put a lot of the responsibility for their career on the company or on their boss. And you know really when you work. It's a trade of value right like you're bringing value to the organization the organization page you and maybe give opportunities for advancement if you're You know providing more value than what Are i guess if you're overperforming right but sometimes people grow more quickly than the opportunities within their companies will allow them to advance. And i've seen a lot of people that get sort of like upset that they can't advance in the same or that they're in and you know i advise people like step back and really like think about what is it that you wanna do. I guess kind of going back to what i was saying earlier like. Okay what do you want. And how are you gonna get there right and you know i actually had people that reported to me in the past where you know that we're really sharp and maybe just a couple years out of college and they you know they. They learned everything at the junior level very quickly. And they're like okay. What's next and i'm like. I'm sorry you know like there's a big. There's a big leap between where you're at in the next level and we just don't have anything in between and i've told people for you to advance. You may need to leave the company. So and i i suppose also not being fearful about that. Bright and I was thinking about this earlier when you were talking that it's always important to be building your network right. I think a lot of times people are like they decide that they're going to fast forward building the network when it's time to look for a job and i'm like no you need to be building your network constantly and i actually advised people not a huge linked in proponent and i advise people get linked in with everybody that you work with or even the person that sits right next to you every single day..

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