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And why I'll go to the New York, Knicks, Kevin Durant. I'll tell you, it's the franchise it would be great for basketball for, for the NBA it would be just beautiful for basketball period. And if I'm Kevin Durant, I go to I change the whole dynamic change. Everything about it. Bring back that energy of try to win the title if he goes to win a title in New York, man, his legacy goes through the roof. Do you worry that don't have any players now to play with who would he go play with Kevin Knox? I mean unless they get a second. He goes there winds thirty seven game. I think he I think I think a lot of guys in the free agents who would love to go play. Okay. The I think Correa go in Korea, and I've been very critical cod has been a Batman. But I think that would be a perfect fit for him to go and play alongside Kevin Durant. All right. Let's go coli Leonard starts the year as his career as a spur moved to Toronto. People think he's going to the clippers you are coli Leonard us stay into Rondo. I mean, even if he goes to the clippers e still won't be the biggest name in LA is still be LeBron James. I stay into Rondo and he has a chance to be the biggest star in the country. In canada. So why leave like you have everything we talking about, like this could be like huge field marketing wise, everything like he already getting free food and a free condo life? What is, and then on top of that, like, he, he will have a whole country, not just the city but the whole country. All right. Jimmy Butler reportedly Sixers would like to pay him. But, you know, Jimmy's a little older Kendrick. He wants a lot of money. Where do you think where would you go if you're Jimmy Butler us, the Philly, I think, is the perfect match phone. I think they got a great young core. If I'm Jimmy stays in Philly. The organization is great. I think ill brand is, is move dog innovation in the right direction. You got young talent within Joe and be a into buys hairs. And I, I don't leave I think you will won one game from reaching of the Eastern Conference finals issue. And I if I'm Jimmy Butler. Stay. Okay. So you have coli, and Jimmy Butler, staying Kevin Durant going cross country Klay Thompson of the warriors. If I'm Clayton house, I'm leaving. I'm going to the Lakers on wants to the Lakers. I'm going to Los Angeles, and I'm going to play on the side, LeBron James, and I think LeBron James would cater to clay and take a back seat to Klay because I I'm really I'm really interested in the clay be the man of a team like we all go always go like go to stays always going to be still team if I'm clay, I think I'm going to the Lakers. Do you think you know it's interesting because most people think he will stay in Golden State, but it is odd that. You know, he'll never be if Kevin Durant stayed. He again is the fourth most talked-about warrior because Draymond gets more talk. It is fascinating Claes the best player in the league. And the that's the least disgust co I may be quiet. We talk about all the time. I wonder if that weighs on him. I mean it's crazy because Klay Thompson has actually been the best shooting guard in this postseason above James harden, above CJ McCullough, who I love most, he's been the best to gore, best shooting, Gordon, his postseason in he still just don't get enough credit. Forty bring to the tape. All right per Cody alike tonight and why warriors trail to one Klay Thompson will play. He will not be at one hundred percent. He popped a hamstring..

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