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So that is exciting news. There'll be a ton of content in there. The moment it comes out, I know myself. And Andrew as well as Edgar over at MLS Sakura dot com, we did over 35 interviews, I believe, that will be up there from media marketing, some really fun stuff, some really interesting stuff with a range of the big time players for this year that will be in MLS. So make sure to immediately jump on there. On Wednesday and get locked in, let's move to transfer deadline day now. Tom. Before Doyle can jump in and steal your thunder, explain to me why I'm calling this specifically transfer deadline day and explain to MLS fans. What's going on and how this affects their club. So transfer deadline day applies only to the buying club where the signing club. So in Europe, most of the deadline days for the winter transfer window are February 1st, it's 11 p.m. local time in England on the 31st. So 6 p.m. hour time tomorrow. And that's a general good rule of thumb to follow that most of these European nations. It's tomorrow night, Tuesday night depending on when you're listening to this at 6 p.m. eastern here in the United States. And that only applies to teams in that region buying a player because it's about transferring the ITC that the transfer certification and you can only do that and designate windows. MLS clubs don't need to worry in terms of incomings because MLS clubs can continue acquiring and registering players until I believe it's April 24th this year is the deadline day regardless. It's into the spring. So this only applies to the acquiring team and that nation and little one like the Turkish league is open for another week, I believe it's the 8th of February. So that's a unique one. But for the most part, European transfer windows are closing Tuesday night. What is your schedule been like this month, Tom? Like when are you not great to sleep? Yeah, not great. It's not great.

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