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Playing terrible basketball being the lottery every single year until you somehow stumble into another LeBron type prospect. Can we talk about that too just super briefly because I know please LeBron couldn't even convince his friends to come play Cleveland. He'd won championships in Miami and went back to Cleveland like nobody's trying to going out of their way to sign there. Even when Cleveland offers big, big money because every other team presumably anybody that Cleveland would hand big money to other teams are going to do that as well. So it's just not enough of a desk. Hell. People here where I live in Chicago complain that the bulls are not a big enough destination for what this city is. And most people would probably say that Chicago is more of a draw than Cleveland. So like I said, it's actually a very good question, but I think it's like very sometimes people make that joke about when that dad young meme where it's like guys that have averaged 14.2 points per game 8.6 rebounds 3.3 assists and shot 41.9% in the season or whatever it was and it's like LeBron Michael bad young. When you finagle the numbers two specifically, sometimes you kind of get a result that's weird or it's an anomaly, this one's not so specific, but I would like just kind of challenge you to loosen it a little bit for the standpoint of like this team is really young and they're young enough to wear these guys could still really show big leaps and if they do that from where they're already at Cleveland will be dangerous not too far in the future. Also haven't they not want to play off screens without LeBron since like the late 80s or something like that. I mean sometimes it's okay for a team to be really good. Sometimes I promise it's okay for a team to be really good even if they don't win the NBA championship. You know it was a great team successful run and I bet the ladies mix. Sorry, had to interrupt you there. It's solid plug. Plug plug. You know who I bet has looks back fondly are grizzlies fans on the 2010s grizzlies. When Zack Gasol sat Gasol Zach Randolph, Mark gazelle Mike Conley were all together. That was a great team that was a lot of fun. They made a couple of Conference Finals. They were always in the playoff mix. It's okay to be that. It's okay to be the raptors before they got Kauai. Those were very successful runs of teams that made deep playoff runs. Maybe the Cavs never get over the hump, but they gave themselves a great chance. They're trying to win. That's what we should encourage. In the NBA, shouldn't always be championship or bus. All right, so I want to get into one more email here unless you have any more Cavs thoughts, Chris. No, let's move on. This one comes in from Corey Stratton. Corey writes in, hey guys, I've heard a lot of talk about how Gobert getting less rebounds for other counting stats might hurt his case as an all star or a high caliber player with towns presence and a lack of touches. What I don't hear is what it says about his ability to defend an anchor defense if he leads the Timberwolves to a top 5 defensive rating after they rank 14th last year. I'm not sure that'll happen and I personally just need to see it last through the playoffs.

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