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And I feel like that's something that could be possible. I have a feeling that Syria will set the iron throw them because I don't think deniro's will eventually when she gets it. I don't think you'll wanna keep it. I think what will happen is the nearest arguing will end up being pregnant and having a baby. And because of man wrote this show, it'll be like, well, I can't and be mom, and that's how that will happen. I swear to you. I really do feel that like it's going to be like, well, I wanna have this baby raises baby. I think it's more important for me. To raise his baby than to try and ways west rose. I know that I thought all of this and I killed a bunch of people. Everybody over here to really get this thrown. But. I'm gonna go over here and breastfeed. That's what I think. That's what they end up doing instead of like, but I can breastfeed on the iron throne, which is what I would love to see. But I just feel like they're not going to do it. It's too poetic. It's too poetic. Like, yes. The army of the dead is gonna come. And we gotta deal with that. But who's gonna sit the iron throne at the end first of all who's going to still be alive at the end. I'm pretty sure if if this was old thrones, sir, c would kill Jamie. But because it's new game of thrones. It's red at game of thrones Jamie's going to end up killing. So I think it's going to be that. If this is old game of thrones deniro's would not make it out of this deniro's John ended up dying like Romeo and Juliet and the flames, but this is new game of thrones. So they're going to end up happily ever fucking after. I think Arya stark and get injury argon end up together. Whether it's all thrones or new game of thrones, Rebecca's eggs. Yes. And I do think that. Various is going to survive because he's a survivor. Sansa is going to become the war of the north. And. Yeah. I think that's really where it's going to be samll Tara is going to head back up to castle black and be the macer castle black. But the real question is like who's going to be the one character that doesn't make it out that we're like. It's new game of thrones. So I worry that they're going to let all these mother fuckers live. Bear dairy and his back flaming sword. That's cool to see. But who's not gonna make it? If I had to choose maybe I don't know if Johnson, I was gonna make it who do you think Rebecca who's not gonna make it? I don't know because I don't want to put it out in the universe. It's all ready done. There's something we said about it. Right. But I definitely won't make it. He's not gonna now because she's too. She's done too, many that things. Well, I mean, but in the world game of thrones doing bad things you die. But we're in red at game of thrones. What about Brent what's gonna happen with breads raven? He's gonna make it. He's gonna make it. I don't know if I think Tyrians going to be on the iron throne. Okay. I think he'll definitely make it to the because he's George George. Martin's paper character. He said that from the beginning. He's definitely not going to die. Okay. I don't ever. I don't know if he said, he's definitely going to die. But he said from the beginning favorite character. Okay. I don't think he's going to kill him because he sees himself in him. I think bronze going to get killed. Yeah. Because he's been kind of this like I love Brown. Yeah. We love Brown of the blackwater, but on the hound. I was gonna make it. Yeah. I think so too because he was promised day agree where I'm gonna make it. I I there's a Volterra article talking about they interviewed a bunch of sex therapist to ask them what they think if they think their relationship is viable because he's castrated..

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