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And I see a right is a very dangerous return guy it only gets back to the twenty five looked like he was gonna be able to run that went back to look at least Brian Jones got some good high phone that ball the opening kick brought to you by a door and window company they sell the best and service the rest the quarterback for the temple owls are big big arm the right hander six foot four inch Anthony Russo he's a junior he hands it off on the first play of the game and true freshman running back ray Davis running behind right tackle crosses the thirty and makes it out to the thirty two for a gain of six year Davis came in was seven and twenty four yards four point nine yards per carry got word that there were that secured pick up temples lined up and ready to go on second down and four Russo back to throw he throws it to the running back Davis jump cut to get away from a young and then slips in goes down at the thirty seven yard line the five yard pick up and it's good for temple first down I didn't get much more than what he needed for the first down can try to make a jump cut back inside lost his footing first down for temple temple going hurry up first down and ten the aisles at their own thirty seven on the opening drive of the game for downline for Cincinnati here's a side ways throw it is caught by Jaden blue and he'll be brought down at the forty one after a gain of four that Jaden blue came and that was what talked about those receivers didn't get to give you his number sixty seven catches coming into the game eighteen yards per catch the averages Eddie said more than ten catches each of the last two weeks temple has three excellent wide receivers all three have more than forty catches this year second down in seven shotgun snap Russo throws his green card by ray Davis behind the line runs to the forty and derail white makes a great Tapley for a one yard loss setting up third down and seven outstanding athletic play there but Terrell Davis junior from south high school in space did a great job.

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