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It's late morning on February first. Two Thousand Fifteen in Melbourne Australia Serena Williams is relaxing in her hotel room, basking in the glow of yet another win. Last night, she won the Australian Open. For the sixth time. Her nineteen, th Grand Slam overall beating Maria Sharapova six, three, seven, six in the final. The Australian Open Grand. Slam title Number Nineteen. Nothing makes Serena happier than thrashing. Sharipova the. Blonde Russian. WHO's made more in endorsements than she has for years? Serena's now beaten Sharapova sixteen times in a row now leaving no doubt about who owns their quote, unquote rivalry. With all this winning over Sharipova and everyone else Serena feels like she's on top of the World Serena won the US Open and year end championships last year. She currently sits at number one in the world and does so comfortably. Serena is now glued to her phone before the match, she stayed away from coverage of the tournament, but after winning, she wants it all photos articles video clips tweets message board comments, everything winning just feels right. It feels correct when she wins now. The whole world seems to sing her name. Joyful Unison. As she scrolls through tennis forum a website for tennis players and fans to chat about the sport. Her phone buzzes with a text from Jill, smoller her agent. Need you to okay the last draft for Time magazine, it says. Jill then knocks on the door of Serena's hotel. Room Serena ignores it. She then here's papers sliding across the floor. The newly crowned champ walks over and picks them up reading the first line. I'm going back to Indian Wells by Serena Williams Serena's heart drops. She forgot this piece was coming out so soon. We were outsiders. The Essay begins. As a black tennis player I look different. I sounded different I dress differently I. served differently. But when I stepped onto the court, I could compete with anyone. Serena pauses. She realizes she hasn't told Venus what she's doing. She's going back to Indian Wells Tournament. The Williams family avoided for fourteen years specifically boycotting the event after the worst moment of the families time in tennis. Now. Serena is breaking that boycott all on her own..

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