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One alright so here's how it's going to go you know the order for tonight media mundo sheraton angel martinez aaron bender are we ready to make in round one yeah all right by the way we should mention you'd chipped in not bender after guard so much traffic after guard because the my best and this is the best listen to be careful i'm angel martinez is the best big period and of the said up about they know your two and lou dog on on twitter at three just to the news bender instead been drafted guard is hilarious but really weird all nevermind angels downs amazed balls that the yeah that was so good angel i really really get extra got all right here we go the tonight's versus with around i don't did event at the end of the but i never know what sounds are all off in out went no rounder okay so this is the music bed for the whip around or now rather then the family feud thing you know what we can go family fifth in la belle that's just what i'm used to i don't care this could be a there we got is a matter that it's a did it were saving the worst relaxed but it firing up oh my god which augmented by the way for people you are going to build middle show starting monday morning yes monday morning i'll be a permanent well this permit radio is part of the deal handle programa beginning of it very early everyday all right here we go eight seed turned all had to go to the emergency room and he's fine now however this see turtle had swallowed a lot of points that had to be removed from her stomach with with in the fifth how many coins did the scene turtles while on monday one thousand nine hundred no no he said i'm very serious sharing don't five hundred very sorry angel martinez till hunter said no i'm very sorry that isn't correct aaron bender within fifty how many coins did the scene turtles swallow four thousand four.

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