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For sure with regard to To i don't know i i would imagine how i'll say. Lucas is out there for week. One but it was but rivera clearly cog me and it wouldn't surprise you there for if he gets out there i've seen enough. What about in the third round of the two players. Let's go with the first one that was picked. Benjamin saint juice. The cornerback from minnesota. I sort of feel like since minicamp. And not as there's been a lot of discussion about him and in various you know stories About the upcoming season he's been picked as like a surprise contributor et cetera What was the scouts. Take on him. And where do you think he sort of fits in right now Yeah i mean the the conversation with saint jews with probably more broadly about the fact that he's a six foot three cornerback. And what does that mean in the nfl. And obviously there's a lot of a lot of positives have a player who that size who's that fluid You know the length the the ability you know. Receivers are getting bigger and bigger. The opposite are some of the short guys. But they're they're getting a lot of these bigger a bigger option than you need. It's important to have size on the perimeter so so so they've got that with With these now the one question is sort of like when you have when you have taller corners the longer leg. It's not as easy at time for them to sort of get in and out of a breaks and and And things along those lines and that was sort of the the the biggest question here. But i think in general he he you know like the the player from what he he had seen. I don't think he has as much of a feel for him. Versus like some of the other people were talking about but You know by jews. I think it's a really fascinating circumstance right like where we like. It was easy to say. Okay they're gonna have kendall fuller. Williams acts on the outside you anymore than is the nickel cornerback. And then you have you know. S- landon collins at strong safety and this is the other but you know you have cam if kid keep cam carlin land account on the field together which is something. Obviously they did beginning of last year and potentially the way to to to go this time will then that means taking one of the cornerbacks off the field on the other hand you can make the case that hey if things you can actually play right now like he did a time during d. a.'s and he can't be looked pretty good again. you know. Take all those practices with a grain of salt. But look pretty good. If he's able to go are you may be better off putting him outside moving kendall fuller to the slot on some on some more plays and going that route But that would maybe take curl or more off the field a little bit more so they really actually have. It's actually gonna be pretty interesting to see what what they do in the in the secondary algae landon collins probably wanting to be on the field for most raw training camp So we won't see in seoul but You know the fact that thank you again. It's been incredibly early. But the fact that he's looks the part early on gives them size where they otherwise. Don't really have a lot. I mean. I think it's gonna make him a really intriguing option for them. Yeah i do too. I think just the secondary in general and landon collins availability in his health and training camp and a lot of that will be interesting. You know we've already heard some favorable things. Said maybe you were a part of this discussion derek forest their fifth round pick And how well coached he was coming from. You know a a a cincinnati defense. It was one of the outstanding defenses in college. Football last year We know how much they liked. Jeremy reeves are just a lot going on in the secondary shazier everett. I thought played really well. You know. I one of my favorite points of the year. That cooley made Last year during the season. And i forget when he made it but it was after shaves. Her effort started to play. He said shays her. Everett is one of those guys that has really not benefited from The lack of hitting in practice and the rules regulating hitting in practice. Because the thing that he does well which is hit. doesn't show up in practice. And that's why. Whenever he's gotten in the games he sort of always outperformed what many people in the organization thought he would I want to get to the other third round pick Diani brown. Because i know and you and i had these conversations before and i think you had a sense of it to that. There was a lot of Several people in the organization scott turner in particular that really wanted diani brown and they were holding. Their breath is the round was going on because they really saw him as another huge third round. Receiver get You talked to a scout about him and this is probably as positive. You know review. But we've heard a lot of it even since ota's in training camp but just give me some thoughts and share with everybody some of the thoughts that you got on the scout on the third round receiver from north carolina. Dami brown gets the put it. You know it's one thing for a player. I gaza say like a player share whatever but for some context in this case. The scout says that he had Brown rated very favorably compared to reshot bateman. Who was the first round pick by the ravens and a good pick And that sort of her for this evaluator the level that he's putting Brown on that that he was somebody a big fan of an inductee me he really is like even more than like Like i'm not just you know. Jamie davis is upside or caused. And all these guys especially the all these the top four guys are all you know veer into that athletic free category to a certain degree or at least they're intriguing athletically and i think it's interesting with me with with the omni brown is there's a lot of it. Seemed like a lotta terry mclaren in him. As a guy who's got speed but he's also really precise route runner and can play a little bit tougher than maybe you would think based on his side and I wonder you know maybe not this year. Obviously have curtis samuel.

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