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A few emails still have some stacked up but i thought i spent a couple of minutes with you kind of talking through lawrence's call yesterday as i mentioned he wrote my cell phone number down at a seminar probably ten years ago and he kept it all these years he wasn't ready to retire then is evidently a small business owners single forty eight and it says you know what i want to start traveling i wanna live my life and he's done a fantastic job by the way of accumulating he's got about three hundred and fifty thousand bucks in cash and six hundred and fifty thousand in ira's it's a million dollars for a forty eight year old that's darn good but as obvious question was can i kinda get there from here at age forty eight well you know i got to be thinking about a fifty year life expectancy here scott long jevon and his family and it would be i think wrong and perhaps immoral for some of the any kind of financial background to talk to this guy about dying at age eighty four whenever he's supposed to die because i just don't think that makes sense for somebody forty eight years old with what we know about the medical technology today fifty years from now it'll be living probably five ten years longer than the life expectancy tables have today and even as as it stands right now he's probably got a twenty five percent chance of making the ninety nine or close to it if he's in super good health so i've got to worry about fifty years so the first thing that goes through my mind and the reason i do this i want you to kind of try to get inside the head of a financial advisor retirement specialist not that i do this stuff anymore but i did it for so many years i can't help it i can't help myself so the first thing that goes through my mind is all right does he have enough money to live on so lawrence how much you wanna live on.

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