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A it's not a complete shaped head. you still have a little bit of. That's what i was saying. You look extremely thin. In that picture. I was two thousand and eight girl. The girl's attractive. Oh yeah she's she's an actress actually and she's married to one of my good friend and tell back then. Earth drinking kool-aid winning. No no. that's probably jacket. Maybe actually know that might be vodka. Red bull sounds about right coming up next for our friend. David singer works over at the. Nfl network pulled the clip from john. Your neighbor bruce. Feldman bruce feldmans the best college football guy the country and it's about one of the biggest problems that clay helton had while he was while he had his tenure at usc. That is coming up for you. Next mason ireland seventeen. Espn there is a conferred. Is that a word. Comfort ability kadota. We've really knows what you're talking about. with bergman being back on the show so welcome back to the show Burgi thanks buddy. We'll go with burgi of it. So there was a dave singer who works over the nfl work and we talked a lot about clay helton and his tenure usc. And you know he's he's gone now and hell fellow. Well met bruce feldman. Well i mean yeah hell fell away. He's moving on to new. That enemy died. That's what we see someone. Yeah hell fellow woman i. He's going to be married. You're sticking with this good. You'll probably be assistant in alabama at some point. Yeah next week. That's what happens to old. Usc coaches so bruce feldman from who's a great college football reporter was on the nfl media. Move the sticks podcast and listen to what he said. I have a story that i'm doing the for the athletic. That's gonna come out and a couple of days on kind of usc lost. Its way and i've to a lot of guys who coached there And one of the things that's come up was just clay hilton. Just really was not able to close and when he could not go head to head you know you can set up. If you're on a staff you can say hey. We're set up a home visit for the head coach and if he comes in there right after urban meyer came in there. That's not a fair fight. No it's not a fair fight. It's like you're you're going to a gun fight with with the plastic utensil. That just that really undermined that program. And so and i could rattle off a lot of names after we get off and say hey. This guy was a four star in this guy's a five star. And i know you guys both follow recruiting enough. Yeah i forgot about that. That's a real bad evaluation. But because they. Because they committed to usc they they became a four star guy. And so that's the. That's the conundrum with this job. Right and so i. It's not just joe brady. I just think there's gonna be a lot of nfl. Names that get thrown out that probably non-starters realistically so could not close the deal with too many big recruits now. The recruiting classes on the surface last year was terrible year. There's most recent year was a pretty good year. But if you're talking about a guy who cannot walk into a kids living room and close the deal with mom dad and the kid. He's definitely not the right guy for the job and clay a lot of things. But i would not call him. Charismatic would you i. Yeah charisma's not the word i would use. But here's the thing. I the point that bruce made is a completely legitimate. I remember i was speaking it like a rotary club. Once yep and at the time. Carl durrell was the coach at ucla and p carol was the coach use. Oh my god. What a mismatch data. And i made that point and there were people in the room. There were se kids and ucla kids in the room. And i made somebody said. Hey what do you think of the direction of usc and ucla said. Well the thing i keep thinking about is if i'm a great player and i'm in my living room and i want to and i went to ucla. But karl dorrell comes in and pictures me on ucla. And then pete carroll comes in and pitches me on usc. I said that's not a fair. Fight the point. That bruce did. I said that's those two guys are in different weight classes and everybody in the audience. Well that's not fair but it's reality. It's absolute rally. Clay hilton was going in following nick. Sabin the quarterback had clemson right now. The starter at clemson is from southern california. Double sweeney came out here and closed him and got him to leave and now. He's the starter replaced. Trevor ward's clemson so that's part of the job as the point that bruce made is a completely legitimate box. That needs to be checked when you do the next higher which brings me back to what we were talking about earlier in the week. They cannot go with somebody who's never been a head coach. They cannot hire. Eropean me for this job. They've got to get a guy who plays at the level of nick sabin and dabo swinney intervenes there yet. They've got to go out and get a name. They've got to go out and get somebody who can swim in that race. And clay helton. Couldn't well mario cristobal ideas a good idea but generally speaking john. I think it should be someone with nfl ties and not somebody who was the head coach before. Yeah i disagree. I the living room right if you're in a living room and you're the kid and your mom and dad are there. I want somebody. Especially if i'm a top recruit. I want somebody to tell me. Look a been in the nfl. I know how to get you to the nfl. I think that's a powerful way to approach recruiting. That's one thing. That pete pete carroll had that. Nfl tie right. Nick sabin scott and nick sabin. Scott jim harbaugh got it. Yes in. And i think that. If but mario cristobal doesn't but he's got so much power behind him with oregon that he's been really successful recruiter there. I think this is one of those jobs. I had this conversation before. There are very few jobs that are weiner. You're fired anymore. I mean right clinton when four and seven and they kept him. Yep then everyone happen at usc prior to this last run by the way do you think that would have happened. Had there not been such turmoil at usc. Don't you think they were at some point. Just viewing play hilton as a place holder. Like a guy that we have who solid. Who's not going to get some trouble while we wait to get through. The rest of our what remains to be seen is if carol full. The new president and mike bone the new athletic director. Get where they're working understand. The gravitas of usc football to this point all indications are. They don't get it that they stuck with klay after a four and seven season that you're just so unacceptable. Usc it's almost unfathomable but they did it. It's like if you were somebody if you were pete carroll and you had a four and seven season maybe maybe you say okay. He gets a one year pass. But you can't be clay helton do that and keep your job not for job that important i mean. Usc football moves economies in the city. That's how big of a deal that is their donors donate millions and that pays for a lot of other stuff. Usc you gotta you gotta get.

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