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Well we frame this problem with not enough vanilla and alternative sources of creating vanillin. This precursor that has synthetic flavor. Now we've got another problem and that's the problem of plastic waste so i think most of us are kind of familiar with that but could you give us a little back of the envelope. Sketches to how bad this problem really is. It's a big problem. That was a fascinating study out a couple of years ago with a look to the production and the fate of all. The plastic is made a they as this was fairminded years ago. They estimated eight point three million metric tons of Plastics ever been produced in order time active. That's about six point. Three million tons of plastic waste of actually being discarded Nonfederal polluting Whatever so this is a huge scale issue an affable pasta. Any nine percent of this is being at recycles and say the vast majority of this is just is just policing opponent who being incinerated of ac- is is good issues associated with it and patent. Take you know what we focused on in this study pet. The plastic point tirtha late last the plastic that we used to make a plastic bottles for example and simmons who is designed to be single use. So there's this vast accumulation of post consumer plastic waste building up by the landfill Nations is seen on the news and actually an eighty percents of plastic. Bottles are estimated not to get recycled and they think about twenty four million liters of oil is needed to produce these billions of often that using it yet so as ridiculous process with wrenching up oil turning into something we use once and the discounting into this closing prominent. And so i think as a lot of opportunity to rethink the way that we manage these resources. Yeah i heard Doctor joe schwarz. And i don't know if you know dr joe schwarz. But he's the leader of the mcgill university Science in society outreach program and he was saying on his show that to make a one liter bottle of water requires about ten liters of water. So so here's this process that's wasteful. It's polluting its single use. Which drives me crazy. And so this is up in so polyethylene tariff eilly this is a problem and also lack of vanilla. So how did you propose to solve both problems at one time. Well i thought. I thought it'd be a great idea too many traumatic Out of pet plastic as An impulse is to demonstrate that we should really start thinking of pets as a result of not just a waste product. We need to get rid of and it seemed like the perfect target because in itself as appropriate as well as i thought. Let's try solve problems with with wednesday. Should you know you're the best. I i just love the story because it makes me so happy so any other word that you used in your paper was upcycle. Yes yes so. You're so you're not just recycling bad plastic. You're something better. Say the thing with plastic recycling as it stands. I mean i didn't situation in the states but in the u. k. We send out pet bottles recycling and they tend to strengthen down the meltdown reformed them into second generation nuts but these materials off to the east lose about ninety five percent of that any so. We're seeing massive drop in the value of materials without a life cycle which seems like that terrible waste and i just think that must be scraped to actually up instead of recycling dementia. Upcycle maintain some of the fat life cycle awesome. So we're talking with dr john adler and she's a bbs rc. Discovery fellow and a group leader at the university of edinburgh and edinburgh scotland. And we're talking about turning plastic into vanilla with a really cool synthetic biology approach. This is talking about podcast and we'll be back in just a moment Be birthday to the bar. Podcast will spawned and twenty fifty here on the joe rogan experience. rogan suggested. That would be a decent podcast host and viola. Here we are six years later. One hundred and ninety some episodes and approaching one point five billion downloads richard. What joe rogan gets today but hey this is ended audience. See monkeying with the friends of life to accomplish new feats in health and food. Security is just the tip of the iceberg. Today's topics could not even be predicted. Back in the days of biotechnology yarn front of the talking bio will keep you at the cutting here all asian now back for episode on the contemplated putting a lid on the theory that would pressure from employers to stop and weekly podcast. Who different commitment. So the internal in turn. Podcast seem to be coming mold. Podcasts with similar followings have major production and surging optimization specialists not talking by bog. We decided to continue to move on once the future. No-one incite violence. Keep getting better. four. We'll continue this critical conversation looking road some listeners. People like you that are willing to learn more and ensure the beautiful stories of scientific innovation with all the you for your loyalty now forward into years. Now.

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