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And his excuse was. I'm overweight right now. So when I drive my pants, aren't buckled. And it could have looked bad. There you go, dude. Hey. As as the stepdad's said in strange brew, just because I don't know what I'm talking about. Doesn't mean on lying. Teachers you had the teacher in California that went back crap and started cutting the kids hair while singing the national anthem. She got arrested, by the way. Hopefully, somebody recognizes she doesn't need to have scissors around her. And then we have this story right in our own backyard. Charleston, West Virginia. The former miss Kentucky. Has been charged with sending naked photos to student. Not nude. She's from Kentucky and teaching in West Virginia. The word ain't new words. Naked. In Charleston, West Virginia. Former miss Kentucky who is a teacher. In kanawha. Somebody corrected me one time county in West Virginia has been charged with sending nude pictures to a fifteen year old former student. News outlets report the twenty eight year old Ramsey beers was arrested yesterday charged with four felony counts. I'm guessing four pictures got sent criminal complaint said the students parent informed authoritize of lewd pictures sent by the teacher. They were found on the teenagers phone. The unidentified parents said the teacher had been the boys teacher during a part of his time at Andrew Jackson middle school. A spokesperson for the school district declined to comment but commented are but did confirm that she was a teacher at the school. She had to maiden name carpenter in twenty fourteen. She was crowned miss Kentucky. I told you some of the most educated people I've known in my life ain't got enough sense to get in out, the rain. And if you need me point, your brain says, I should send pictures of me naked doing underage person year. One of.

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