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Exteriors March Manske easy owner in fact he's a bit now to project for Suzanne and I right now we're looking to get in our master bathroom re done with this steam shower in the whole nine yards I can't wait he came out with his bathroom manager if you will and man what a great guy what was his name Suzanne who was marks guy you brought out I liked him biggest name was was it bill I don't remember yeah I like them a lot but I don't remember names in fact the pope something pope mark all right Ryan pope is what it was now I do remember they came out they gave us so many different ideas Hey we could move the bathroom here we could make the closet bigger here just all kinds of ideas but that's what genesis does these guys do not just exteriors but interiors in fact they also do decks and fences and painting and gutters in roofing these guys can do it all genesis total exteriors three oh three six seven nine eighty five oh nine I do like mark a lot three oh three six seven nine eighty five oh nine us a like Bob Logan in studios with us Bob I don't say that a lot I like you thank you mark I usually cut me down so that such a special day I think this special you gave was good I was afraid you were going to say something like you know by in a see you get ten percent off the furnace but the fact that if you buy an AC you get a free furnace and then I had to twist your arm a little but they either get a humidifier that's a big value I know ill or a thermostat or wifi thermostat yet wifi programmable thermostat a whole bit yeah you're not going to beat it you guys also do water heaters to write if they need one we do water heaters standard tankless whatever you want anything about inside you guys do those in Stotts under the kitchen we do yes one of those round just off your head man boy I would just be guests and I can't I can't remember I have no idea either I'd like one because add to in our house the worst distance seems to be her kitchen sink everything else the hot water gets here pretty quick but it seems to be the worst in the house were our bath tub is right above the water heater it's almost instant when you're one of the other to the kitchen sink it seems or the master bathroom for battle whatever reason that's how do people ever get inside the shower it no way because it wouldn't do enough what it well I don't mean a tankless water heater I mean actually an insight unit well I I don't think it I don't think there's a number are out there but but typically it's it's working on a research a recirculation system so it's pulling the hot water through constantly so that when you do turn on as hot water available Garrett and waiting for the water to find his way there Tom what's going on with you man hello Hey Tom how are you yes my family have has arranged in southern Colorado K. in years ago we found out that there is forty acres in the middle that someone else owned in the middle of your property yes that's interesting so they're kinda landlocked well yeah okay so I wonder how that that's very curious it ended up that way so I basically drawing a circle right here and then if I draw a circle inside the circle that would be their forty acres that's interesting in how many acres around it over seven thousand holy moly they would have to be granted an access easement well there's definitely got to be an easement so they can get to a but what's your question time I just it's kind of crazy it worked that way do you know the people that own it no the first guy that bought it when we found out a model high only run him off how do you wanna must fit I believe every word you just said how did you run off though I told you that told me was a dummy for not checking into it it's C. N. aside on scene and then he sold it to somebody else yeah with about a thirty two thousand dollar loss how much did you sell it for do you know it when it went much our understanding it went on eBay for seventy two hundred and you should have bought it ended this but regardless now what we didn't know I guess you we didn't know it was up but is there any way that these two gals there in Littleton can't force an easement well yeah I mean you don't have to like building a road or anything but yes you have to give them access in almost every case to their property yes even though there's never ever been the road to the quick answer is yes I mean it could be something very strange but we normally speaking I have no idea how this happened but regardless yes you have to grant him access you can't make a fly a helicopter to their forty acres okay that's that's about it that's not what you wanted to hear what you make him an offer what are they planning on doing with it well I have no idea I wonder if they bought it so cheap maybe they just want to make a few grand what do you make him an offer well I was going to have a free ride it so we don't have the last name they may come on offer that's a good idea I would I would look into it I mean they would have a lot of expense if you've got what is the closest distance to like a county road from there forty how far we talk in well actually the county the road that goes to our place yeah counting maintain yeah but my grandfather never signed it over to the county yeah I don't think any that's gonna matter though but hold on just at road go right to their forty acres no it's about two miles three miles from so they'd have to if they want to get there now how do they get it they take that county road and then go the extra two miles would be elected to track a ranch road okay which is yours yes yeah I got your arm yeah I mean it just is what it is it's very strange and if they don't do anything with it I mean I can understand if they wanted to build something I don't know why you know what I don't know what you could build out there but I mean if they're not gonna do anything with it you even really care it's just that the idea we want to get a newer model make sure they did they just want to have you're not a you're not a great neighbor argument yeah it's kind of it is the history down there you would think we were good I was gonna say it sounds like there is some history if you want to give an offer under someone else's name and not your own yeah they know what's the family trying yeah Hey how much is seven thousand acres worth down there just a ballpark I'm very curious I couldn't tell you for sure well I mean just the gas man isn't worth a million dollars is it worth ten million dollars is it worth a hundred thousand well we bought eighty acres off with us for awhile form and return it by a hundred and a half to make okay I gotcha are you hate me at some level that we ran it for a month so Tom I know you didn't want to hear that answer but as far as I know with almost every circumstance you have to give them access to their plan that he went to the county commissioners yeah then they met him out there right before they went by our house the commissioners stop them yeah they told ME by law all this is this for you can legally goal well does the road is not needed to the county I so they I am telling you I don't know hope that I'm not saying they don't have to jump through any hoops but I'm telling you you can't allow them to be land locked what I want so I can run off the guys from Ohio to run him off well that's what we would do that's our A. Tom I appreciate it get beat it sorry man I don't know what to make of that you know you gotta give someone access what I really don't understand is how they ended up with forty acres surrounded by seven thousand as a separate parcel Clint you've done a lot of these the land deals how how do you rank in that would happen forty acres is the minimum that you can divide off but why would you take it out of the middle at yeah that's what I'm saying it's very odd who knows three oh three seven one three.

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