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Will get the calendar and then right around Christmas you would just go to that calendar this start by and everybody everything that they want it and so my kids grew up as Nike kids out for the most part because I had all that money that I had to spend and you know you know everybody in my family that wanted shoes and knew that they could call me and I would just fill out a form and fax it over to Nike and then then the boxes will come and that was it and now I remember the last so you had a of course you had a book deal mid day to chat to get to I just remember my last book bill may date in two thousand because the contract goes year to year right now I'm I wasn't sure I was gonna play anymore on it I don't know if I'm gonna get another contract like that I just remember my last order with Nike was like some sweats and like four thousand dollars what the golf balls yes oh my goodness four thousand not because you know people under estimate the cost of golf balls right everybody thinks that the clubs are expensive the clubs are not expensive is it is a golf balls there's no question about that are expensive right so I ordered a board does not work the ball they sent me like you know four hundred dollars worth the balls I just said or whatever and I just left it alone because I knew I was going to get me to limit amount yeah I just don't be wasteful stuff you know this so I just let it go as a Larry S. all right Hey I look at you so Benjamin Albright walk in on the other side of the glass he's getting himself primed and ready to take on some yes a monster energy's going does he he's back on the Jews he's act I said he was trying to wean himself off of the monster energy but well he needs that he needs it because you know for the social the the the the mind awareness that he's going to need to play the initials game you know it's fuel for the brain let me ask you this the messages if your kid got an opportunity to go play college football and you know he could make twenty five thousand dollars from an endorsement deal you're one and he's gonna get the same amount of planned time the school has just amount same amount of prestige as the other school and the other school was not going to give him that same opportunity what would you tell your kids to do take the money okay okay the gala judge judge gateway.

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