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To tukhy whittling criminals in colorado when these sanctuary cities refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement agencies they were convicted criminals back on the streets walker stapleton knows these policies put our families at risk as governor walker stapleton will hold local law enforcement officials accountable and require them to work with federal authorities to enforce our laws if you believe sanctuary cities are dangerous it he's like walker stapleton does vote walker stapleton for governor he'll put an end to the safe haven for criminals in colorado paid for by better colorado now katy kennedy registered aged not authorized by any candidates tenuous denver a single media group station these are done her native born of denver natives of former chief deputy da he is an act of colorado trial lawyer who has also worked in the media for decades dry independent full of fun is part of 710 knu us down this is them craig's silverman show oh what a day waterworld what a live i liked head and production of myself maybe get sick but carrying it at the top of every hour but it really defines a lot of what i bring to the table here i am from denver and i acknowledge that for better or worse i was brought up in an urban environment and i've always recognize the people with a rural experience might have different attitudes about a lot of tanks especially about guns animal link to listen and i enjoy those conversations because i do not have all the answers the next parts references what was a significant part of my life my sixteen years as prosecutor and i dealt with lot of big cases semi would respond a hamas side since and i saw the carnage and had prosecuted the bad guys and i was not known as an easy prosecutor although am i just handled the lot of tough cases where the really violent crime and i was scraps of about it and i make no apologies for it and then the part of.

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