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I'm bob heart were still awaiting president trump in his address stressed statement to the nation in regards to the shooting that happened in alexandria virginia this morning targeting republican lawmakers who were out of the practice facility a baseball practice facility getting some swings in the morning as they get ready for their annual congressional baseball game that comes up later this summer new mexico garnishments deep yours was there was practicing but it a tweet out that everything is fine and his prayers go out to those who were shot and wounded by the gunman this morning who is identified as a sixty six year old man from ulan oil and it was house majority whip steve scalise of louisiana who actually was struck in the hip are he underwent surgery this morning the latest reports or he is out of surgery and doing fine for other congressional aides were wounded authorities say two of them are in critical condition and the president is scheduled to make a statement here coming up shortly as soon as he begins we will go to that uh address by the president here on news radio kkob in the meantime back to your calls michael your next on news radio kkob grid michael are good morning bob i uh we have a real opportunity to the winning teacher care of what real freedom and though the situation today that were the afraid of our of our continent harder uh oh no two his flagging and to our flag the united states of america and the others that the are we freedom of prayer which is coming under fire of fema the president of people realised with going off i'm not i'm not i'm not tunnel i think anybody but alert which is a with a price of freedom our michael thank you two four three thirty three thirty three chaired your next on newsradio kick you'll be glad jet morning bob who quit that fame.

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