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Imperfect california. It's the plague. Fifty of yeltsin. Rosen is the best friend show tonight. i guess he's a comedian and writer whose approach to dating. His casual is getting a haircut. He just goes over the super cuts nas. For whoever's there it's jordan morris and she's an actress previous podcast just got married in texas fulfilling her dream of having a wedding during a catastrophic arctic freeze and chili cook off. Its jackie johnson tones on his here to talk about his favorite new show to watch dog watch. I'm husband. daniel saint hop on board love bus. Load a new best friend alison. Thanks these days. Hello my little vegan strawberry cupcakes. Welcome to another exciting thursday show. The alison rosen. Is your new best friend show. That particular carbohydrate was sent in on patriae on poetry on by anna q all sorts of fun stuff on patriots. Daniel and i just did a bonus episode where we answered all sorts of questions including tell me about the the first time you met bill maher in the first time you met drew and adam because i had met them years before i ended up working with adam on his show and tell us who the meanest celebrities you are. I mean we just spilled the tea you guys all sorts of new. That's right patriots dot com slash alison rosen. I am very excited. Catch up with my guest this week. One of whom has been to hell and back but also has good news. And the other is jordan morris. Hello i pretty neutral centering. Yeah i mean. I realized maybe you've also been to hell and back but it sounds like doing you haven't nap in all right. I mean obviously we're all experiencing our own personal little hell but as far as you know this week having been more than the last week no i think my level of my level of hell has remained relatively consistent and for that. I am thankful that's good year. Like a little shot of stability in these uncertain times. Yeah just like cruising around at a. Nice see minus. It's really all you can hope for. And i am so delighted to see my next guest back in l..

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