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Let's talk a little bit about some of the strength feats of signing because as I said a little bit before, but he's been able to punch walls and have them blow up. He's been able to destroy these gigantic egg goal homes and you think of essentially a giant Stone Golem and he's been able to just one or two shot them over and over and over again. He also has something his quills allow him a special thing that's like a spider sense. So not only is extremely fast and can think extremely fast. He has an imminent sense of danger that comes from his quills, picking up cues in the world around him. So it's not Mario's even going to be able to get the drop on sonic at any point here Let's talk a little bit about the durability as well because I think this is an important thing. You talked about some of the durability feats with Mario and I have no doubt in my mind he can take some shots I. Also, no doubt in my mind if he falls down a hole, it's over. So some of the things also done he has explosions he's headed. Tons of explosions exposure to the face bid on things that have exploded and he's been fine. He's walked away from him. He's tanked black holes before. Okay. Black Holes are kind of a big deal and he's been able to take the tablets from them and get out with his extreme speed. One time he fell from space to hit the earth. We talked about this. At a previous episode with Master Chief Sonic has also done that feet and been completely fine. He's just that type of durability and not just that if we're going to start bringing out or things you talked in your first point about some of the fire things in costumes we condemn guess assume that rings are GonNa be found around us. Correct. There's to be rings in. Sonic has just one ring collected. He cannot be killed and if he gets a hundred rings, he gets a one up..

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