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Have to be a legislative body we've got to force him to be a legislative body which means there response well through their constituents and to politics but of course so that happens i think we don't none of this move the response of throwing the bums out if they throw out in a jeff flake is not running for reelection because he was going to be replaced by kelly ward i can say this you can't because you're not not the political kelly words a disaster she will lose that senate seat so there there we have to nominate people who can win mitch mcconnell's is plant fond of saying losers go home and winners legislate maybe they'll legislator or not but we've got to win first usually the republicans cordoning electoral disaster oh that's right and it is look to the broader problem this has been brewing for tens and 25 years is we have this divide in our politics between those who want to be perfect in all in all circumstances and most on they don't win open election and when they get to legislative body i like to have them there there are my size our allies that's great uh but in order to get things done you've got to have a majority that will vote with you uh mcconnell knows that i think mcconnell's really on the edge in terms of how at when he he moves on these things but they're going to miss this moment if they don't get their act together and show the understand why this important in what needs to be done trump is making a bigger political argument the new lived in the congress is congress needs to up their game debit bit that argument and we'll come back and talk about that that argument is often lost in the anti trump movement that has consumed the lot of washington d c and we'll talk about that after the break hopefully it will not consume tax reform i'll be right back don't go anywhere matt spalding is my guest hillsdale dot eighty million she didn't matsom some relief factor dot com relief factor dot com is.

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