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The capital by a violent mob. Intel unit in the Capitol. Police Sports had completed a 12 page report their conclusion. Woz, We're warning you now that this protest is going to be different than others. It's going to be larger than any of the trump Margo rallies that have been happening this fall. It's going to be more violent Organizer's are asking people to be armed to the teeth to bring things as weird as gas masks and reinforced bulletproof vest. And the target is not counter protesters or or trump haters or Biden lovers. It is Congress itself, and that warning went out to all the captains and the command staff of the Capitol police. At a time when they were trying to make their security plans. It unfortunately, didn't have his big an impact on the security plans, as the Intel unit might have hoped, because they pretty much predicted exactly what happened. That's what I was going to say. It is theory that this was a fortune telling reported always. So why didn't they listen to it? Why wasn't it heated? It was heated in one way, and it was mitigated in another chief son, who was the Capitol police chief until resigning in the wake of security failures and the siege. He got this Intel report and he's declined to discuss the details of it with me, but I know from other sources. That he got this report on the third, and that's what made him go to the sergeant at arms in the Senate and the House, his bosses and say, Look, guys, I think I need emergency activation of the National Guard. They turned him down and said that they didn't like the idea of that. They didn't like the optics of the military looming over the capital. They didn't think their leadership their bosses, the speaker Pelosi or Mitch McConnell, the Senate leader would agree. So they said, No, that's Washington Post reporter Carol Lin Egg talking with our Dimitri sodas. Long time. Maryland State Senate President Mike Miller has died at the age of 78 after a battle with cancer. He'd served in the Senate for more than 45 years and retired just weeks before the start of this current legislative session. He was a larger than life presence in the State House. His power was on display when the Senate was in session, and it was on display in very profound ways. Behind the scenes. That's Bruce to point with. Maryland matters. Governor Larry Hogan says Maryland flags will fly at half staff in honor of Miller Coming up on w t. O P. A Capitol police officer explains Why, during the riot he was seen wearing a make America great again. Hat. It's 7 44. University.

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