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We want 2000 of those who have already had covered 19 and 2000, not who had covered 19. Dr Jeff Bridges leads the study, he says. In addition to looking at how long immunity last after you pad Coben 19 we want to know if you do get over 19 again is That going Teo in general, the less severe as severe or more severe than initially. Griselda City. No, Katie our news happening right now. Phoenix police investigating the death of a child near 35th Avenue in baseline Road. Phoenix Police says the child was found unresponsive behind a business and was pronounced dead at the scene. The investigation is ongoing, but police asked that if you know anything Please call for 80 Witness. At an average star to our drive home this afternoon. Let's check it out with detour down in the valley Chevy dealers Traffic center was going to say we had to freeway crash is speculating. Good afternoon, but it looks like that Just got cut in half the wreck of the two of you, Santana eastbound near Val Vested just cleared away. But we are still working one in the East Valley on the stuff found 101 P m a freeway. At 90th Street. It's on the exit ramp in the Gore Point area. Couple of service redirect as well. 99th Avenue and Boswell on the school and Riggs Road and already some extra minutes on those Westside freeways. 20 Minute ride time. Westbound Widow one. Frank Lloyd Wright to 75th Avenue 21 Minute Commute North bound 17 from the split north to Peoria and also 19 minutes westbound. 51 West out to the one who won. This traffic report is brought to you by T Mobile for Business T Mobile for business advantage starts Now get up to 90 Days of unlimited free as a credit on your business plan, stoppin.

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