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Some of those things on her, but also price spoiler too much because I like I do not want you to suffer struggle I know. Isn't that funny? Like wouldn't be what makes people interesting I always say this about my friends like all my friends that are interesting, grew up fucked up all of them. All of them grew up in like crazy households and fucked up, and and now they're just like me. They all really loving parents. They love being a father. and. I'm like we're. We're giving these kids a life that is going to ensure that never going to be interesting. Yeah, that's Shit I will say. They got for my daughter because I whatever she's five. When we got divorced in on my side of things you've got back. Hunters powerlifters photographers team. A Tier, one, group, guys and Keighley's like all walks of life. She speaks two and a half language languages working on a third one half She's not fluent in three, so let's say two and a half and. She's fluent. She's and she shockingly Caucasian and she speaks. Fluent Spanish like literally. She's from Mexico and so. That kid is a good skill to have. Oh, was I just heard it Cafaro? Kiss we know we have different. people some are sewers and things. It's Super Handy. She can speak well. I I've. We've done good between my ex wife and I, because that kid budgets to a point I want to choke because we. She just moved up here and I'm like local. Just pay for it. She's like Nope I. Don't want any money doing on my own I. Budgeted all this and I'm like I must have done something right because I. I would have prayed for help because I didn't have help after. Genetics to what what makes a kid a kid. I have one kid that's insanely ambitious and like super, hyper, focused and she. Whatever she gets into. She becomes obsessed just completely obsessed, and it's not because of want or need. It's as some weird drive, so it's like. You know I think they call epigenetics at some something that's transmitted down from parent to the child, some desire for perfection and things. We should talk about that because that's interesting. Run by never smoked weed in my life. Never know coke, no heroin. No, no nothing. My Dad has a huge pothead. I am incapable of losing I hate losing. My Dad has the most uncompetitive man you would ever meet in your life. It's weird. Something skipping the you know what I mean like. Yeah, well. That's my family to my mom is like real laid back. She's not ambitious at all. She's not she's real, friendly and sweet and easy going. Yeah, and I've always been just psychotically driven from when I was young Iraq came home once I was running. In the snow. And I was like sixteen and I had run up. We lived on a hill and I ran up. The hill ran up the stairs into the house and opened the door. It's fucking snowing like crazy outside. She's got a cup of coffee. Concern the march. I was like I. Don't even know where you came from. The kitchen has breakfast. I tell you what though it is good. You know I'm not father of the year by any means, but when we do. You know simple things for your kid to see like we do backpack cardio and Kelly. Comes you know and she can see. You're giving it everything you've got. You know you know what I mean. They see that it's it's You know impressionable. I Guess Yeah Hell Yeah. They do yeah, they say like the best way. A guy can be a father to his daughter. Is. To to. Especially to set them up for the future is to show them how they should expect to be treated and show them how you treat. Other people like the you behave around. Them is like what they're gonNA. Learn down like if you're respectful and friendly. Like the way you are that that assaults oftentimes better. For them to see than even what you teach them and tell them because we tell them only go so far, but what they see. When they see you drive or driven when they see you work hard when they see you diligent and respectful and friendly. That's that's what really likes sinks in yeah. I'd say it's it's work it so I cross my fingers. She's nineteen, so I mean I I wouldn't say gaining where I was a little fucking kid. I was bad. I was cut for sure we're talking. where I'm from while we're bouncing around and rabbit hole that I was. There's a a lake. I live on nine miles long, and your your product of what you're surrounded by. So you know the all my dad and his friends you know did not like tourists right, so we would cut boats loose and push them out in the. Lake fill the people camping. I told enough now in trouble. Right in dad was teaching you how to do that he didn't teach that he would just constantly complaining about tourists right so then we would wreak havoc, and then go Yogi bear you know cam up. Go steal everybody's beer in the middle of the night. Did he not like tourists? What was it? I don't California's pry the worst one right I mean free from Oregon you know you've room if you're from Idaho, you bitch about people Washington right. I don't you know my? My world was so much different because I left at seventeen in join. The army is in the army for a few years, and then I got out and so. From how I was raised to how I ended up. It's just different. You know what I mean I'm two hundred people in my hometown needs I live in Denver now forgot sake so big difference a giant difference. I mean social.

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