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Was remember him being in Montreal? And saying that George saint-pierre was the most popular Canadian athlete on earth. Meaning you go to anywhere on this planet, and you know, you give people a list of famous Canadian athletes G P is the most popular one, right? The one that everyone recognizes a knows this time when when Merrill amuses still I'm not sure whistling rescue still around the had retarded both retired actually. But this created such a stir on Canadian sports talk radio. Remember, like TSN sports, all of them were talking about it saying how crazy GOP was three. Even people said, Bret Hart was more popular Canadian and more successful Canadian. I mean, there was an equated such a debate that I thought it was brilliant on Danish part because it put GOP over. And put him into that conversation. Right. Right. It may not be true. And it probably Gretzky Gretzky Gretzky Lemieux Islamia, and I would even argue bread hardest bread heart. But that was such a smart move. So, you know, I talk about how the relationship clearly deteriorated. I thought that him doing that really put GS p in that stratosphere, and they did a great job back then to push him like they put him in every opportunity possible every big card possible to make him into a star. So I think you'll see deserves a lot of credit as to when you talk about. Jeez. Legacy and how popular yeah. They'd promote at the hell out of him until until the until until things kind of deteriorate. You're right. They're they I remembered that I remember thinking, even I was as a as a fan of the sport was like was he crazy? And, you know, not even thinking about the fact this is Dana being promoted. That's what he's supposed to do is opposed to build up his guys. And but I remember thinking guys insane. That's biggest biggest piece of wash ever. But of course, what is what is talk radio. Uh-huh. All about is like somebody making some outlandish statement, and then trying to support it. And then somebody else trying to to refute it. That's what makes makes for that debate. Let's give a shout out to our sit with a stand for. That's an information stats information group Zafy at the end, right? Thank you Daniel. Sid combat. So the stats and information group hideous peon. Here's some interesting stats as far as GOP goes in just approved as how great he was. He is the most wins and title fights in UC history. That's thirteen if in fact, it is the end, which it will be the end come tomorrow, he would finish his career with thirteen straight wins and overall fights tied for the third longest streak in UFC history. How about this one towards saint-pierre win twelve known fights that went to a decision tied for the most wins by decision UC history with Diego Sanchez, and by far the most wins from decision without a loss and UC history. And that's also twelve the next closest would be Ryan Bater who went nine. No no with decision victories. Most takedown lands blinded in UFC history. Ninety GOP number one number twos. Glazed Tibo, eighty four two meters. Johnson seventy four G P is the only fighter seawall.

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