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Yeah, we just pause. Keep that. Yeah. Why not the listeners don't care if you're here? Not guys. Okay. What are we going to say? Close the door. Very unprofessional. I was gonna say that it's really embarrassing. My boyfriend I met at the gym which is so embarrassing. It's like so cheesy, but I was outside the gym like a few weeks ago and and I and I saw someone I knew and he was bringing in a new person to the gym, and the guy was like, do you like this gym was like, yeah, it's great. I love it. Says place called studio. I love it. I was like, yeah, it's awesome. I mean, listen, I met my husband here, so it's awesome. And he goes, oh, you met your husband go. No, he's just like my friend, but like I'm just saying, like, you know, I hope he's my husband one day and he's like, oh, no way. What's your name? And I tell him his name and he's like, wait a second. I'm good friends with him and it's like only please don't tell him. I called him. I husband embarrassed. It's like the scariest thing ever like, please don't tell them going around saying that about him. Oh my God. Anyway, I went home immediately until friend. Living together. You know, we don't live together and we stay together every night, but don't technically live together is your, I don't really don't know anything that your dating history do typically people in the public eye or more private? I think I have dated people on the public light. I definitely have, but but then I have also dated like random people who like literally don't have jobs, and that's not good either. Right? I always wonder that. Like how. A lot of people say when claimed myself and Kelly Ripa was client, she was saying that like she totally understands why like Justin Bieber would wanna be with the hell evolve. And because when you're when you're such a high profile, sometimes it's easy to find connection with someone who also understand that. I think it's really, really tricky because you wanna be with someone who understands your world and understands that lifestyle and isn't intimidated by it and to not be intimidated by, you have to sort of be a part of it, but you don't want someone who has stars in their eyes and who's trying to be famous or wants to use your relationship as a platform for success because that's just weird. But you also it's really challenging date. Someone who is completely not associated with this world at all and is scared to be a part of it. So I always say that you want to be with someone who you can bring to bring around like celebrities or influential people, and they're not like impressed. It and excited by it, but they're also not so Indy. And outside of that world that they're judgmental of it, right. You want someone who's down for the ride, but also has their own shit going on. Like someone said, the perfect relationship is where that person can be your plus one two things, and you can be there plus one. So you need to be meeting interesting people that impress you through your relationship and they should be doing the same like they have to have their own resources and their own world that that you can be a part of. I completely agree. That's a good way to put it. Also, I like to someone who's like entertainment adjacent. Okay. You know, they're like they're dipping in that pool, but they're not trying. I would want to be with someone who's doing what I'm doing. Who's like a writer where feels competitive and away you don't wanna be I personally, no, I feel exactly what it would wanna be with another prisoners, but I would not wanna be with an actor. No, no, I wouldn't want to be. I don't want to be with a guy who's trying to be a star, so I just don't think that's that attractive to me. And I think it's interesting because I think depending on who you ask people with, find it attractive. Hopefully, I mean everyone I have very specific taste and I turned dairy very easily, and I hate people very quickly that I like I turn on you so fast..

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