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I want to say stole a fucking box of t-shirts. He picked up a box. And we just walked right out of the guns. Right out the back door. Literally the back door. Of the guidance. I think a box of t-shirts is something I don't the rest was a blur after that. Yeah, Anita baker saw the alarm, or if you had a Boston as the story goes, me and Jack and they got off the tour bus at the top of the alley that led to the venue, they thought they were in the back of the venue and the band starts walking down the Jack hung out with them for a minute. Got their autographs. They signed Jack's paycheck that he never cast. So we got to meet the alarm. Those dudes couldn't have been fucking older than us. I think we were in our early 20s, probably 20. 19? Dudes with just as young as us. B would be bad company, first concert I ever saw. Boston gardens, again, so a lot of these at the boss of guns, a spit hit away, funny thing about bad company is there was probably like 15 of us, and we were in the balcony, but we wanted to get down into the press box. Now the press walks back then back then wasn't like a press box per se today. Press box was kind of a lower level to the balcony, like a step down. And it was for the writers and reporters and they could see everything. It was right at the center ice or center court, the bruins of the Celtics and somehow my brother Colin mentioned to him again. He was leading the pack in my older brother and proceeded to kick everybody out of the press box that had tickets. We were fucking hooligans. And we all just took the seats, no one could get us out. We were assholes. Bad company. Yeah, hooligans, before there was even a name for the mob. We ended up like I said, sitting in the press box, the whole show. Which weren't our seats. I think the rest of the people just would disgusted, they left. So bad company, then it would move on to see the cause. One of the most boring bands I ever saw live, great music, great sound, great everything. Fucking the cause of the cause, but they were not exciting on stage. There's not much going on in that stage show. You've got the music, you've got some walking around, Ric ocasek, like a fucking matchstick. Sitting there and fucking dude was so skinny. I swear I used a tampon tube as a sleeping bag. That fucking dude is skinny. Jesus. Fucking skeleton with sunglasses. In a fucking big black

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