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T o p. Never miss a moment. W T O P s top news has brought to you by van Meter homes. Find a home. That's right for you at van meter homes dot com. Good evening. I'm Kyle Cooper Lawrence. But Tony Act is our producer. Coming up. Governors in states across the country say they are not getting the vaccine doses they need. Dozens of cold cases got thought land. Here. Thanks to a local tech company. I'm John Doman. Montgomery County leaders discussed the need for safer roads for students. I'm Melissa held in Washington and 7 31 CBS News Brief. State leaders are calling for more Corona virus vaccines as a number of cases sore limiting factor for us, as it is for every state is simply the number of doses. Vaccine being allocated to us on a weekly basis. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards TV and radio personality Larry King has died in an interview. He revealed why people opened up to him during his sit down. We're going to get a fair shake, and the show is about them, not me. King was 87 Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny remains in a Russian prison cell correspondent Elizabeth Palmer says he could be in danger for his life again. Last communication from the Valley smuggled out of his detention center was ominous. Essentially, he said, I am a sound mind. So if something happens to me Don't believe it was suicide. Navalny was arrested last weekend when he returned to Moscow from Germany. He was recovering there from nerve agent poisoning that he blames on the Kremlin. CBS News brief I'm Lisa Matteo 7 32 federal judge has issued a temporary order requiring the Treasury Department to give former President Trump's personal lawyers 72 hours notice before providing Trump's tax returns to House Democrats. The order was issued by Judge Trevor McFadden, who was appointed by President Trump The House Ways and Means Committee wants to get a look at the former president's taxes as part of an investigation you order last until February 5th. The hearing on the taxes was requested by Trump's lawyers trying to get clarity on the lawsuit. Protests have erupted in over 60 Russian cities, demanding the release of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Protest stretched across Russia's vast territory where some demonstrators took to the streets and temperatures as low as minus 58 F. The rain shows how the value in his anti corruption campaign have built a network of support despite government repression developed. His wife, Julia, was among.

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