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And the best way for me to prevent getting an infectious disease and having to have you as my doctor is. what Wearing a mask. No no that Somebody's i can see the reading ready to sneeze or cough walkaway you avoid all the paranoid aspects and do something positive. A good diet be you. Don't smoke. I know. I know you don't drink hang on. Very what did he say. Avoid all the hysteria. Don't wear a mask that shocking. Who is that. Oh yes science and fancy. The highest paid federal bureaucrats only four hundred thirteen thousand dollars every year. But i thought he wants us to win. Double mosques now. Talk about flip flops. Let's talk about the truth. Let's talk about science with one of the few doctors who's out there telling the truth about what we need to know about. Covert therapeutics boston. Vaccines welcome to america. First one on one. It's dr jeffrey balki. Board thirty five primary care physician. Welcome dr to one on one so great to be with you. Thanks so much for having me on. Well we had you on the radio show a week ago. It was super. It was too short. So we've already invited you back for a one on one discussion for those who missed the interview on the radio show and who haven't heard of you before. Just by way of introduction. Who are you what do you do. And what is our ex liberty our expert liberty is my website sev- where people can go and learn more about me. I've got a newsletter that i put out every couple of weeks naked subscribed it out by the way i recently started. A podcast. informed dissent the intersection of healthcare in politics and that can be found at in armed descent media dot com. I'm a primary care physician board-certified. I've been in private practice for over twenty five years i've served as an assistant professor at uc irvine. I've also served as a board member at the orange county medical association and in my spare time. I work as a tactical physician role local law enforcement agency emily last year. I started a charter school. A hillsdale affiliated republic charter school in the city of orange here in southern california but my day job is treating patients that i've treated literally hundreds and hundreds of cova patients successfully by instituting early treatment with many of our repurpose medications. That were really well. You can get visions early right. Well let's talk about that. Let's talk about the therapeutics that made my covert experience the mildest case of the flu. I've ever had thanks to my doctor. Dr sam pappas on hydroxy December last i had three days of the sniffles felt a little bit tired and that was my experience. Not only that. I don't know why you left it out of your by but it says euros an officer in the. Us army reserve medical costs. God bless you doctor barky for everything you do and are doing to get the truth out there. Let me just start right at the beginning to the mirror. In twenty five years of practice serving your fellow man have you ever ever seen such an egregious politicization of health policy in our nation. Doctor never dr gorka at and it really makes me sad to say this. But some of our healthcare agencies like the fda the cdc unfortunately were realizing now have been captured by industry. And what i mean by that is the funding from the fda in the cdc about fifty percent come from the organizations that their charter to oversee. So the fda used to be entirely funded by taxpayer dollars as it should be and the fda is supposed to work for the american people to keep them safe to oversee pharmaceutical companies including vaccine companies. But now they're funded by the industry in the end the groups they are supposed to be overseeing and protecting okay. We we have to stop pick. That kind of blows my mind i into guns into muscle cars. If if the gun manufacturers were the main funders or the fifty percent funders of the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms. I think most americans would have an issue with that if if the common factors were majority or piven part funders of the various agencies that regulate automotive manufacturing and the environmental regulations. People would say that that's just corruption. I've never heard this before. When did this begin. And has anybody from yourself said this might be a problem. Will sure there's a lot of people that are trying to speak the truth and this has been going on for years. it's been gradual. It's been incremental. But now it's reached a point where i really think that there's a conflict of interest and by the waste at the same thing is true of medical journals so if you get for example the new england journal of medicine the lancet the journal of the american medical association etc if you took out one of those journals and thumb through it about every five pages are so there'd be a pharmaceutical at and so these journals now. Listen it's it's a it's a it's a badge of honor if you get an article published in the new england journal of medicine and they get thousands and thousands of requests for publication but those editors now sort through the various requests and if your request is one that will either shed at negative light on the vaccine or pharmaceutical industry or say something positive for example about hydroxy cork under ivermectin that. It's very unlikely that you're going to get published or even peer reviewed so what a lot of doctors and researchers are now doing the releasing pre print articles so they get out into the public since these publications are refusing to put them in the journals. Okay so let let. Let's stay here for a second. So i for my sins. I spent Oh my gosh. Almost thirty years in academia prior to joining the Trump administration i. I hate being called an academic But pay reviews was the big deal. Pablo perez was was the choice of The the expression for those inside of academia Peer review dr balki. It's a joke. I mean it's it's a mutual masturbation society isn't it because you're being reviewed by your body's and therefore it's just a collective group think exercise. This isn't unbiased review. By people who have no vested interests these people have viewpoints. They wanna protect and like crazy. That i mean in theory. It makes sense it sort of like a a trial by your peers Theory in theory but what happens at these journals is that they're all like minded people and up. An article comes through. That is a positive article about ivermectin. They're not even gonna look at it. Let alone review it and so it's almost impossible to get publish. Some of these articles that are critical of karma and critical of vaccines. And so yes. You're right it's a you know it. It saddens me to say but these journals and healthcare agencies have become political in nature and they shouldn't be because when that happens what it's it's patients that suffer and so the science has been corrupted..

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