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Here's Jacob Wilkins and Sony about the patriots and Rams arriving in Atlanta at some point today and both teams holding rallies before departing for the peach state and Rams head coach Sean McVay firing up the faithful we've been checking things off and make no mistake about it. Got a lottery respect for the patriots. But we're going there to get this last check and for Tom Brady going for his sixth Super Bowl title. He's crediting those around him. What exemplifies this group of men is the selflessness? And it's all about the team we stayed focused. We played our best football at the end. And we're not quite at and yet made wild Tom Tom Brady and the pats and Rams will play next week. But this week it's the Pro Bowl in the AFC ahead. Seventeen to nothing with five twenty two left in the third Jamal Adams St. jet safety with an interception in this game. And jets kicker Jason Myers. Hit a thirty one yard field goal. The first half miss one in the second. Saint John's was on the cusp of making up a ten point second half deficit late in their game against the highest but down by two they missed three shots on the same possession. Georgetown will get a dunk on their next trip and pull away for an eighty nine seventy eight win. Saint John's has now dropped four of their last five. Seton Hall blown out by eighteenth ranked Villanova eighty two fifty to the defending champion. Wildcats now seven no in big east play six ranked? Michigan state upset by produced seventy three sixty three snapping their thirteen game win streak and suffering. Their first loss in the big ten the next trying to Halton eight game losing streak there at home against the heat tonight at seven thirty and at the farmers insurance open. It is Justin Rose still with a four-stroke lead. He's at nineteen under ahead of Adam Scott who's fifteen under Jason day and others at fourteen hundred Tiger Woods an ice final round five under for the round ten under. He finishes for the tournament. Novak Djokovic a record seventh Austrailia and open title defeating wrapping the doll. In straight-sets sports at fifteen and forty five around the clock. Jacob Wilkins, Chet Wynne sports wins. News time four forty seven..

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