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To engage connect and network you know in-between sessions. It's as critical but the third level. That's where the important hopefully we'll get to talk about this. Because i honestly see this. The biggest shift in event industry and is basically using your events as way to build communities and everybody talks about community communities bubby rhonda's transactional based events and we don't really track. I mean we might tracker comes in but we don't really do anything it'd be can really do anything that i couldn't before and now with this whole remote sort of virtual and in person or hybrid whatever you wanna call it coming back. There's really huge opportunity to creates think about events as i call it breathing communities so like us. They events to bring people together. They have really intense sort of learning and networking. And you let them lose between these events and you let them explore content engage on their own catch up. Whatever it is that they may want to do so. They're kind of breed that your community breath is out in a way and that actually allows you to bring in new members in when you have the new events you kind of use that time to kind of gather new marketing for the next month and that time between different events is so critical that dynamic that there is opportunity with these platforms again. I'm of plugging getting moby in some ways because this customers are using our platform. And we're like oh my god. We should have done this five years ago with online portion. It's a little bit more difficult in some ways. That's also really important. So you kind of think about engagement as session between session and between events and then you have a year round strategy around engagement. And i think for a lot of our customers association or member base. This becomes really critical in terms of transforming what they used to do before with an annual conference into a year round we call them then communities but in reality is like a series of portfolios that are really well connected together..

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