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Seat all women really bad driver guys just want to sit around all day it's racks themselves and front men are from mars women or from why can't you put the toilet seat down thank you something the vacuum now it's time for charity katie's battle of the sexes the number one hit music station seven five best sex way all right hugs going in for kisser matt who we got today all right guys we have josh from greensboro and lindsay from climax it's battle of the volley tricks because josh can put his feet behind his head and wednesay can pop her ears terry wow okay josh lindsay we're going to ask you some stereotypical men and women questions score the most points at the end of jared and katie's battle of the sexes you're going to thirsty thursday with the greensboro grasshoppers this thursday good luck to you all right ladies first lindsey question number one what percentage of men prefer a woman with a flirty personality is it fourteen percent thirty four percent or fifty four percent fakey four fifty four percent no that's incorrect josh greensboro is it fourteen thirty four or fifty four percent or fourteen percent is correct one nothing all right josh first question for you almost one in four of us never use this what is it moisturizer a razor or deodorant what's your moisturizer dealer is correct.

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