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The dragons were dancing in the Chinese community of when a sorry set that celebrated the spring festival marking the arrival of the Chinese New Year celebrations mark the year of the rat according to the Chinese zodiac hundreds of people came out to celebrate the occasion where dancing dragons paraded through the crowd and Chinese and Argentine singers and entertainers perform for the audience attracted by Argentina's open immigration policy many Chinese citizens migrated to point us sorry shortly after World War two in search of a better life estimates put the number of Chinese Argentines at more than one hundred twenty thousand the event's organizer pointed out that due to a virus outbreak in China this year's event also aim to send the solidarity message from Argentina to China vampires are coming to Tulane University the school acquired the archives of bestselling author Anne rice who was born and raised in New Orleans writes his written thirty novels she moved to California for college and has spent much of her life since then in California but New Orleans has played a central role in much ever fiction interview with the vampire was her first novel when it was published in nineteen seventy six in this set in the city's French Quarter the collection at Tulane will consist of manuscripts of most of our published works some on published short stories journals screenplays personal artifacts and correspondence from family friends and fans of the author if you've been hoping for the chance to see the musical Hamilton with its original Broadway cast you'll soon get the opportunity on the big screen the Walt Disney company says it's going to distribute a four year old live capture of the show in the US and Canada on October fifteenth twenty twenty one the film was made at the Richard Rodgers theatre on Broadway in June of twenty sixteen will star the original Tony Award winners Lin Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton W. digs as marquis de Lafayette and to Thomas Jefferson Renee Elise Goldsberry as Angelica Schuyler and Leslie Odom junior as Aaron Burr the film the version is directed by the show's director Tommy Kael who said we're thrilled for fans of the show and new audiences across the world to experience what it was like on stage and in the audience the groundbreaking biographical hip hop show about the life of treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton is one eleven Tony awards and made numerous Taurus AP news I'm a Donna from Iowa and the state Democratic Party is fifty percent of the results from the caucuses will be released later this afternoon a glitch being blamed on it out has delayed release of the results the candidates have moved on to New Hampshire the first in the nation primary is there in less than a week the reaction bear to I always apt glitch it seems like a terrible idea Chris gal Dearie who's with the department of politics at Saint Anselm college I think what is frustrating for Sony people right now per ticket Willie the candidates and voters in New Hampshire who might want to incorporate the I will result in their decision is the uncertainty there was no immediate word from the state party chairman try price on when they would release the full results of last night's Iowa caucus Shelley handler Washington president trump delivers his state of the union address tonight in the Senate to vote is set for tomorrow in the impeachment of president trump Iowa Republican Joni Ernst is voting along party lines I will vote against both articles of impeachment Maryland Democrat Chris van Hollen is voting yes president trump has committed high crimes and misdemeanors against the constitution and we must use the founders remedy we must find him guilty and remove him from office to high school students near Oklahoma City have died some cross country runners were struck by a pickup truck police chief Todd Strickland says the driver of the pickup has been arrested there were signs of impairment due to the stand right field support sobriety testing that we gave them and that was part of the investigation yes the you and why he was arrested three other students been hospitalized one in critical condition a magnitude five point oh aftershock rattled southern Porter Rico causing some cracks but no reported injuries or been aftershocks after last month six point four quake importer Rico this is a P. news the European Union has rejected president trump's Middle East peace proposal in a statement E. U. foreign policy chief chose that Pareil underlined the box commitment to a two state solution for the region bass along nineteen sixty seven lines with the possibility of mutually agreed land swaps made up of the state of Israel and he says an independent democratic continuous so right and viable state of Palestine the president's plan unveiled last week with full see the eventual creation of a Palestine state but it falls far short of minimal Palestinian the moms and it would leave sizeable chunks of the occupied west bank in Israeli hands I'm Charles de Ledesma firefighters say a woman in South Carolina whose hands were crushed while she was changing a tire on the side of a road managed to call for help using her toes a Jack holding up the car slipped while the woman was putting on a spare tire she took her shoe off got on her cell phone and used her toes to call nine.

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