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And with at least 5000 members through the middle of March, the guard says it's providing assistance such a security and safety support to state district and federal agencies. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says his state needs an increase of its weekly supply of the Corona virus vaccine, or it will take months just to vaccinate residents age 65 older David Folk. Thomas reports. Cuomo, speaking at a pop up vaccination site at the William Reid Apartments in Brooklyn Saturday morning, saying the process to vaccinate seven million elegy Well, People will be a long 17 million at 250,000 doses a week. This is going to take us 15 16 17 Weeks almost says the state has the capacity to vaccinate 100,000 Day. It's the federal government can increase the state's weekly supply. The FBI's investigating an explosion at a Los Angeles church known for its anti LGBT Q stands. An FBI statement says before sunrise yesterday, its agents, along with El Monte Police and L. A county sheriff's deputies, responded to reports of an explosion at the first Works Baptist Church. Statement says investigators believe it may have been an improvised explosive device. More than a dozen homes and apartments nearby were evacuated as a precaution. No one was hurt The U. S. Navy is sending an aircraft carrier group into the South China Sea, Reuters reports today. The U. S. Indo Pacific Command says the strike group led by the USS Theodore Roosevelt entered the South China Sea yesterday to ensure freedom of the seas strike. Group Commander Rear Admiral Doug Marie Simo says the region is of extreme importance because to third To the world's trade travels through the area. I'm Lisa Taylor. Northern California person who received a covert 19 vaccine is dead hours after receiving the dose, according to the Placer County Sheriff's Office. The person tested positive in late December and receive the vaccine Thursday. Officials said. Several agencies are investigating the cause of death. Center for Disease Control and Prevention is monitoring reports of severe allergic reactions. But health officials say the risk of a severe reaction is exceedingly rare. Miners trapped in eastern China are rescued after two weeks underground today, Reuters cites Chinese state media sources that say 11 gold miners have been pulled out of the mine after they got trapped along with 11. Others. Due to an explosion that block their exit, the report says. One of the remaining 11 miners is confirmed dead while the other 10 are still unaccounted for. A building manager is under arrest for hoarding hundreds of propane cylinders in a Brooklyn warehouse show. Bala has the story the F D. N Y was conducting a fire protection inspection and go honest when they came across 904 propane cylinders in a refrigeration unit, each of them weighing £20 fire marshals were quickly called in to check for gas leaks and building manager Mohammad More Haman was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment. He admitted to ordering the propane tanks to sell to another individual who then resold them to restaurants in need of heat for covert outdoor dining, a cable and satellite network that's home to the NHL Games. NASCAR racing an English Premier League football is going dark variety reports. Nbcsn will cease broadcast operations at the end of this year. Parent company NBC Universal told distributors. It will shatter the sports channel and move some of its properties to the USA Network. Which used to Air Major League Baseball NHL an NBA games during its early years, the ST Petersburg Clearwater airports, air traffic control tower is closed due to exposure to covet 19, the FAA says. For now, air traffic.

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