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That's a clinton berry we'll pick the ball up and underhanded into the stands quin berry he actually pitched against the socks here two years ago here's a drive right center field calloway back it's over his head all the way to the vance davis scores taylor good speed around second he's on his way to throw their time and it's four one sky sox here in the eighth inning taylor triples to right center field the rabbits get the job done the eric hanson tanner with his second rbi of the year in the sky sox lead by three strike well going the other way and taylor despite being down in the coun comes through and the hitter is andres blanco taylor with his first triple the aaa level and the pitch loaded a switch hitter batting limp all on anyway i was saying quinton berry two years ago in a game between the sky sox is salt lake berry plank for salt lake entered the game in the eighteenth inning.

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