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Keep watching. Sports hit 25 and 55, powered by maximus, moving people and innovation forward 55 rob wood fork is here. All right, for a Washington D.C. D.C. station we are talking a lot more about Philadelphia sports than I care to these 76ers trailing the Brooklyn Nets 49 44 and a half time of game two Cameron John Johnson a problem scoring a game I 22 points for Brooklyn. While James Harden is a problem in a more literal sense for the sixers scoring just two points on one of 7 shooting. He's committed 5 turnovers in the first half. Now this comes hours after the news at the eagles have agreed to a monster contract extension with Jalen hurts worth $255 million over 5 years, the $51 million average annual value, the third or actually the largest in NFL history, more than 175 79 million of that is guaranteed at signing that is third most only behind Desean Watson and Kyler Murray. Now, what does it mean for extension eligible quarterbacks like? Joe burrow and Justin Herbert plus Lamar Jackson, Jackson reportedly turned down an offer from the ravens that's similar to the hertz steel here in Washington though, Jeremy Reeves signing his $2.6 million restricted free agent tender for the upcoming season. Rob woodwork, WTO sports. So I had tonight on WTO with CBS News at 9 o'clock, a white man now with an arrest warrant issued for him after he's accused of shooting a black teenager who rang his doorbell by mistake. This was in Kansas City, Missouri, and then still no arrest in the shooting deaths of four at a party in Alabama. Some EVs now eligible for tax credits. All I had for you at 8 56

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