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In washington in the evening former president bush is playing in the football oh boy not that w uh we are added good guy guy absolutely key all right all right the well uh what can we say so uh what salvos save uh enjoying the holiday caviar caviar all right mike caveat all right uh do not venture forth this holiday with a bottle of the base years sheer or you might not venture forth for the rest of the year by isn't that a term for a girl who's like well built ten now now who we oh okay it is i know something like that all right uh and go as far as far as paul scoles world though they go in the news service exports cells uh like soul off the rails i love when they're they're reporter was saying you know mr president are you saying that to you would like to see to uh you know for another republican vote in the senate have a child molester in the senate is that what you're saying sir well they're claims she he claims that never have called give me a break uh we're all world how 'bout they are all for closer glen that uh more personal were done that you know he he is on the couch drop bill yeah i'll in london he is uh his is then word is coming down that muller's just getting warmed up it's just it's like spring training not even with the exhibition games yet it's like pictures in catchers or another player position players are here they're ready to really start and at words of the great alson you ain't seen nothing yet another required or may be not are eager no and good their republican guard freight who come out for girl uh the uh worked with fog some impeachment proceedings saw a lot of the a lot of republicans that you hear about now are more and more are saying you lined one of these people done to my party i mean look at this words dan you know with somebody like like more it's like he could make the if this was on a plot of the tv show scandal a few years ago the show probably wouldn't have left in the.

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