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And when it breaks. I'm Michael crozier life from the care by twenty four hour news rooms one hiker Malibu's died from heat exposure LA county sheriff's deputies say five of the hikers needed to be rescued after running out of water yesterday afternoon in the in in the area new state rules require several cities in the south land to tell homeowners about chemicals in the water Pico Rivera mayor Brent Tercero says the water is still safe to drink but the threshold for notifying people has been lowered that legislation is what is been dubbed to I like forever chemicals right these are the forever chemicals that don't ever dissipate on their own to sales to speak over there should aggressively research of the chemicals have been coming from industrial run off the state says consumer great water filters are typically capable of filtering out the so called forever chemicals a muffler shop in orange county's gone up in smoke firefighters were called yesterday morning to the shop and stand they say about a quarter of it was being used to illegally grow marijuana the White House is considering a peace agreement with the Taliban that would withdraw five thousand US troops from Afghanistan and close by military bases in exchange the Taliban would keep militant groups like al Qaeda and ISIS. from using Afghanistan as a base for attacks against US and its allies the deal was worked out after months of negotiations but it'll must still be approved by president trump any Labor Day parade in New Jersey has been cancer because what cops they were destructive devices found near the route. the route new Jersey's governor is white had planned to March in the parade yesterday a man in his fifties has been arrested check on a crash south LA on the northbound side of the one ten freeway just before the ten car spun out hit the center divider bounce back into the middle lane seat bees on same it'll slow down here is coming off of atoms have a trouble ticket to north Hollywood north and one seventy just before Roscoe you've a crash on the right shoulder emergency crews on scene in attention getter look for little gawkers box coming up on that city of Ontario westbound sixty just past the fifteen freeway saw the car spin out with the vehicle up against the center divider and then if you're leaving Victorville this morning northbound side of the fifteen this is just past Dale Evans park wait two car crash pushing everything out Alain's their number to the right shoulder is well KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I'm wrong in that. some clouds in the morning close to seventy degrees clear skies and hot again by mid day close to eighty at the beaches maybe ninety to a hundred inland out all week.

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