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Nicole with temperatures are warming up a little bit more than from where they were yesterday think less breeze more sunshine overall will get up in the upper sixties of water's edge downtown to low seventies and some of the inland sponsor nice say evening and then it chills back off into the forties tonight most places to near fifty along the coast tomorrow warms up to near eighty degrees and then the warmest days as we go forward are going to be over the weekend in the Monday so I think go low to mid eighties city in inland spots mid upper seventies to the beaches we got rip currents and rough surf issues because of the home there though this storm that just kind of gave us a lot of problems to Bermuda but we'll keep that through tomorrow afternoon and they will get rid of that for the weekend I make you with a beer all just need to bore WBZ bosses newsradio thanks dean it's fifty six right now in Framingham fifty four and Haverhill checking things out on the keyboard sixty one in Yarmouth and fifty six rather fifty nine in Boston. get twenty dollars back would you by air and cabin air filters at participating napa auto parts stores and napa auto care centers to prepaid cards per household while supplies last offer ends ten thirty one nineteen and ten twenty six and now it's time for doing the business Boston based game go buy a works raise two hundred ninety million dollars in new funding giving a boost to a start up that designed organisms to do everything from a recreate the scent of an extinct Hawaiian high biscuits to treat liver disorders in humans Bloomberg has learned the latest investment brings the biotechs total valuation to four billion dollars partners healthcare is turning to its employees as it looks for a new name the Boston business journal report is the first time the company has publicly acknowledge that it plans to change its name as part of a rebranding the tallest most powerful wind turbines ever made or coming to U. S. waters care of General Electric or stead plans to use twelve a megawatt turbines made by G. E. for projects off the coast of Maryland and New Jersey the eight hundred fifty three foot turbines are almost as tall as.

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