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It has often been remarked on in this series of conversations with John Anderson. Did we are living through a time of great change and tumult as the world faces up to what is likely to be the most devastating global crisis in a generation? That observation is more true than ever like with so much. We usually take for granted? Our broadcast schedule has had to adjust to account for the new conditions. Were living through. In the meantime we have put together. This highlight show summarizing the series. So far it is now over two years since the former deputy prime minister of Australia launched his video podcast series conversations with John Anderson in that time our videos have been viewed millions of times and we have gained consistently growing subscriber numbers via YouTube podcast and the John Anderson Dot net dot. Edu website if you haven't already please subscribe. It costs nothing. The conversations project is a response to the poor quality of public debate and the lack of viewpoint diversity and much of the mainstream media identity politics and political correctness of stifled debate. Many views are not given a fair hearing. Careful reason and consideration of evidence.

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