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Thirty four minutes after two Maria Herrera joined just now it has been a while I mean all the info on employment issues and movies and other things going on and having you know being called in to to answer phones and everything else you have been with us for awhile we had your boss on two weeks ago now but it's not awesome yeah he's not nearly as good as you well I don't know he is how are you good people you full of good information I'm doing good thank you for asking keeping busy are you sure yeah you you dig in the do you dig in the pandemic you you tired of this whole thing well you know I'll tell you there's never a dull moment I am quite over all of it I'm ready to get back says not wanting anybody to get deck five you know I'm ready just to come back I'm sure everybody has I'm so what is what's the rule with the downtown workforce connections office at I I even forget I forgot the address now yet it's been so long since we mentioned that are you going to re open you can re open slowly what you get interstate office what's the what's the state rule so far we have not gotten a reopen date I know you know that we've had stopped in the local offices right I'm just answering phones and doing what they can from here but we don't have an opening date yet we're all you know reading is sitting at the edge of our seats waiting for that day to be shared with us but hopefully it's sooner rather than later because we have a lot to do we have a lot of work in front of us many new Mexicans need our services they need help getting back so okay we're ready now the bomb we'll talk about the current situation here in a second and I did talk to sex when we had secretary mccamley on a couple weeks ago I did ask him you know if we get a second surge of corona virus and then businesses have to shut down again laid out people again are you guys prepared and he said well let's hope it doesn't happen what do we learn what is your office learned through this this first one well we learned first of all that the state has been screwed up in the state has not the legislature has not put money into your office in a long long time into the into the website into the I guess the infrastructure of the web of the of the office for a long time and so you guys were kind of playing catch up right sure sure I do have to say with the numbers that that has a number of people that had us all at once we did really quiet I mean when you look all across the United States and how different things were happening I feel like our agency really get it you know they were able to stand up and do so very much for our citizens not everybody was able to connect to the way that they wanted to nor were they ever get to the online system but you know we've been working tirelessly some around the clock just to you know help one more person so I really want to give our department at you know a round of applause for doing everything that they've done because I I you have seen it firsthand it's amazing you know not everybody feels that you know we were as efficient as as they had hoped but we really we really did try our very best to we continue to get better every day well I certainly appreciated when people send me their personal issues and I forgot I'm do you and and the second mccamly you guys handle everyone you you you responded to me you responded to the people are having issues and where you could and there's a couple that I know you're still working on that I sent you recently I sent him a recently that he's still working on that or the staff is working on also I appreciate the the attention that you paid to to the people here yeah and what's great is the individual that call in to the local workforce office you know if it's a general question there really isn't a need to stay and wait on the toll free line if it's something simple maybe we can get you over that hump and maybe get you through that web page that you're stuck on okay I would always recommend that but it's not you know ultimately it will be the call center who has the full authority over the claimant can make any changes or updates that that a claim could mean all right yeah right so the big issue is Maria that if the business is a re opening their calling up the employees they had before this whole pandemic thing head and said alright we're re opening come back to work these will be your hours to set your set your stature and yet the people who are on and on employment now are maybe making more than they did what is our responsibility well for one if they fail to respond let's just say they're not picking up their telephone or they're not calling in the way they're supposed to do or they just flat out refuse to you know it really is between the claimant and unemployment adjudication team to determine whether or not that individual will be able to continue to collect the benefits so we were told we didn't you know the next couple of weeks it is very possible that the work search you know they've they've waits the work requirement that that will then be you know done away with an individual if they're not already back at work they will have to start job searching and if they are not they're not able to go back well then that's something that that education will have to deal with but you know it's not one of those where you all know you're automatically denied for the benefit it really does depend on the circumstances surrounding that Clement so you don't automatically lose your unemployment you don't automatically lose your unemployment good enough all right yeah I'm so what what what however you could you could you could however you cut so what's the most important thing that you're the one people in in in the listing let's say that you know northern Mexico Santa Fe county this area to now well I'll tell you that even though the local workforce connection office is not open to the public we are still doing things virtually this coming week this next week excuse me we're holding a virtual events now it is a test event in that only a selected few claimants were invited and a few employers in that we're just testing the waters in the end seeing how well we can do with these events now I want to mention however the employers that are going to be joining us because they do have a real need okay now I know I know Richard that I think the last couple of times that I've spoken with you I talked about some somebody I need out of the water I they are individually are earning the employer who are looking for direct care providers I do have about fifteen positions open right now along with the need for a while licensed nurses now getting player is going to participate in our upcoming events but if anybody is interested you know and just going into the sun somebody has made other old website and applying they would surely welcome that but they are definitely one of our priorities witnessed these next couple of weeks we also have interim health care interim is looking for about five home healthy well full time and part time they are they were originally called medical personnel was anybody had ever heard of I'm but now they go by interim health care and so they have a real need again you were going to their website and apply and just be so any of the listeners and you know no if you're not you don't have a pen and if you need more information later we still free to email me or call me and I can you know send you the information that I'm giving right now are the next employer we have is tricor tricolor is looking for about fifteen laboratory assistant for full time and part time are they are looking for somebody are individuals that have come before bottoming experience but it's not required what they are looking for for surely is is for those lab assistants somebody with a high school diploma or equivalent it does in those positions start at about thirteen fifty an hour and there's like I said fifteen positions available their legacy it than if they had five positions for Charice o'shea and we also have to agree that security who have twenty plus position well that they need to fail I'm now forced equity does they are actually a good employer and that they're they give their guard security guard training in that they get their car cards help you further forward the card card okay D. O. the Detroit or the tracker positions here in town yep trackwork additions are are in town okay so for those of you they don't have my phone number I'm at five zero five eight two seven seven four three four and that's our front office number if you get voicemail just leave a voicemail for me and I can get back to you and my email address is my idea Dr and I don't ask eight dot M. dot US one of the industry is that the governor said can start re opening our our hotels up to fifty percent occupancy do you exploit I expect a heavy influx of jobs available to local hotels I'll tell you that I wish I could say yes but no we're not expecting that I know a lot of those individuals were furloughed Richard all right many of them are ready so we can go because it's hard to come back yeah okay yes what many of those individuals may be you know not called back so we are here to help them when they're ready okay and what what services are available for employers right now what can you help employers with right now employers if they connect with their local workforce connection online or by telephone would be able to assist them in posting shoplifting and recruiting we have staff on hand right now that are reaching out to claimants not only claimants but job seekers as well that are looking for work and we're finding out you know what exactly we have out there and we are referring them to the employers so but we're also doing the hiring events I think I just mentioned a little bit about an upcoming event we're we're coming through virtually where the employer is able to give a little bell on the what they're looking for in a little bit about the perks of working for their company and job seekers are zooming again and they're able to ask questions about employer and even have private discussions with the employer in that you know later that that they can set up an interview and and hopefully get a job out of it so employers are more than welcome to give us a call no they're not able to walk into the local office just yet but if they call or go online we can definitely assist them there all right Maria Maria Herrera from department work first connections is our guest hi I just received an email kind can I share with you absolutely all right this is a listener who wrote yes I was getting a certain amount after four weeks they reduce my amount and asked me to pay it back this is outrageous we all had to submit our taxes is proof now are they are giving me half the amount and not giving me the extra six hundred dollars they do not answer their phones any day your response to so I would check it for those of.

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