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The burning vehicles mashed together and seminar, couldn't get her out on the driver's side. I went around to the passenger side, I was able to climb over the center console just let her know that we will there to help. But we're we're going to get her out and seminar did manage to ease. The woman out of the burning vehicle a good Samaritan helping to pull them both out gentlemen left before we could get his name. If he is listening, which I'm sure he is just like say he did a great job and we'd love to speak to Al Jones Kempton win. Wins at the twenty third precinct. Would you like to play guests the state with this one? All right. Here's a hint starts with an offense with an and in this case, you can also throw in an are. And a a woman resides in Broward County is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police say she was waiting to check out at a Dollar General store when she pulled a knife on a man who said that he was offended by her very loud of flatulence police say when Thirty-seven-year-old Shinoda Yvette Wilson whipped out the knife and threatened to gut the man he ran she's in the lockup in Pompano Beach on twenty five hundred dollars bond and a few guests Florida, by the way. That's correct. Also in Florida twelve year old as well. On his way to being a convicted felon after cops say he shared some gummy bears with his classmates that in and of itself is not a felony. These gummy bears, however were laced with THC, which as you probably know as the active ingredient in marijuana five of kids wound up in the hospital with nausea and business the kids charts with six felony counts. Distributing marijuana within a thousand feet of a school. It's thirty nine degrees. Now, it's cloudy. We have some sprinkled flurries sprinkles and flurries out there, and we're going up to forty three in midtown wins. News time.

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