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All right now it's time for our Bob's red mill minute. Okay, we have a fun thing to talk about today, and this is probably not what you're expecting because for each of our Bob's red mill minute, we've talked about big goods and things like that. This is a baked good, but it is not for you. It is for your dog. We're gonna talk about homey. Talk biscuits. Now I know a lot of you in the bomb squad are proud pet parents, and you have a dog or two or maybe three. And I'm wondering how many of you have made dog treats from scratch. If you've never done this before we have an easy recipe for you that will share online, it's from my pal. You know her well, Gabby Viggo our head Baker. Smith canteen over in Carroll gardens, Brooklyn, Mike coffee shop, which is right across the street from cherry bomb h. q., not not. A lot of people know that. So my life pretty much is running back and forth between the two places. But Gaby loves dogs so much. And we have the cutest dogs in our neighborhood. So she decided to make some treats for them to sell at the canteen. Why save all the good stuff or the humans, right? So they're just four ingredients in this. There's Bob's red mill whole wheat flour, chicken stock, banana. And 'cause Gabby is a little crazy. She makes peanut butter from scratch for the dogs. So like I said, we'll tweet out the recipe later, but it's super, super simple, and the only special equipment you need are rolling pin and a cookie cutter. Gabby uses one in the shape of a dog bone, of course. So anyway, we'll send you the recipe also about dogs. If you are thinking about maybe adopting a dog, and you know here on cherry bomb were proponents of adopt, don't shop. Check out our friends, social teas that's t. e. s. on Instagram. Because they're always looking for folks to adopt the dogs. They rescue and for foster parents. All right. So anyway, Bob's red mill. Thank you for supporting radio cherry bomb and don't forget with Bob's red mill. You're not just getting quality. You're getting flavor, packed food. The tastes amazing visit Bob's red mill dot com today and use the code cherry twenty-five for twenty five percent off at checkout..

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