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If we respect women, we must challenge women to to have the same due process applied to them as to as to men if we protect women. Unduly in relation to the way we protect men. What we are really doing is saying women. We feel your children women. We don't expect you. Again fascinating insights tax me back to heights point about teaching our children that lodges a dividing line between good and evil. This tendency to set men against women that I. Think is so at Will only. Culture, we got into the very very difficult. died Be Resilient, strong at based. On fascinated by the compensation. I really must that you've got four, we do. I think one of the important points. Some that Andrea about Africa arises out of this. we come at it from different perspectives and it's important to I. Think recognize. That, something's are above party politics. A journalist I quite like and respect said the other day when not nights remarks about the so? Behind environment for the rise of, children? Alwaleed expecting, decide that because he comes from a political perspective, some things above politics you, I would have different perspectives on a lot of political issues And yet you would say I think with me. That human flushing depends entirely over willingly on the sort of environment which we. The next generation absolutely absolutely. Why minute span incredibly good of you to give his side generously reveal Tana, guide I can talk forever. That's my critics would be quick to point. But I think he'd get some fantastic thoughts. I'll look for very much diamond. We can heist you to visit to this country. I Guess Heist along Damn era. And in the meantime Olivieri Best, we not circle back win at the end of you've got some more material weakened. Simply permit for the value. Anybody WHO's prepared to? Engage very forward to visit you in in very doing work with Australians who care about communication and care about men and women, really understanding and having compassion for each other you only thing I, disagree with you about is that I don't think you're a Talker I. Think you're wonderful Talker, but you aren't talker your wonderful listener and a wonderful wonderful facilitator of of what I hope. Was a value to share. Well he was fantastic and I. Think you've gone. You've been listening to John Anderson Direct for further content visit John. Anderson Dot net dot you..

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